Join Harbor Freight’s Inside Track Club to Save Even More Money!

Join Harbor Freight’s Inside Track Club to Save Money

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If you’re a DIYer, you already know you can score top-notch tools at “ridiculously low prices” at Harbor Freight—and you may even belong to its Preferred Customer program. But what you may not know is just how much extra savings are in store for you as a member of the retailer’s Inside Track Club.

For starters, let’s take a look at the fees involved. A one-year membership to the Inside Track Club will cost $30, but if you join for two years, you’ll get a 50 percent discount: just $45 for 48 months. So what does this investment get you? Harbor Freight says you can score up to $5,800 in savings—that’s $3,800 more than a Preferred Customer membership.

And what you’re entitled to will make every day feel like your birthday! An Inside Track membership gets you three times as many coupons in your monthly savings book as a Preferred Customer. Members get a whopping 150 Super Coupons every single month. If you’re not familiar with the value involved in such a proposition, picture this: $30 off a brand new, cordless torque wrench kit that’s already $470 cheaper than its brand-name competitor. Or what about a gas generator that’s $50 off—and $1,609 cheaper than a Honda version, but just as powerful. These are just two actual deals we scouted at Harbor Freight.

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An Inside Track membership will also entitle you to 12 exclusive offers delivered to your inbox each week—whereas a Preferred Customer membership will score you exactly zero of those deals. Harbor Freight will also send you invites to in-store events where you can score major discounts that aren’t available to everyone and get early access to sales before they go public. It pays to be a VIP—literally, Harbor Freight is essentially paying you back in spades.

If the details alone don’t inspire you to hop on the Inside Track Club bandwagon, reviews from the 93% of customers who recommend the paid membership program might. “First time I used it it paid for itself,” “Being a club member has so many perks I can’t name them,” and “If your tool’n up and want to save massive amounts of money. This is the proper track to take. Pun intended!,” said just a few of the thousands of customers who left 5-start testimonials.

And if you’re not a DIYer yourself but have a few of them on your gift list, an Inside Track Club membership might just be the perfect gift for the maker who has everything.

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