Lenox’s Bigger, Stronger Hole Saw Kit

The Lenox 26-piece hole saw kit is bigger and stronger than the last version. See why this Lenox hole saw kit is called Big Daddy.

A hole saw can help you solve a lot of problems so it’s important to have a good kit that will solve a variety of issues. Check out the Lenox 26-piece hole saw kit that’s dubbed the Big Daddy. You’ll see why they call it Big Daddy.

Lenox Hole Saw Kit Features

The 26-piece Lenox hole saw kit is an upgrade from the first generation kit in several ways. This kit has increased wall thickness to improve durability and reduce tooth lass. The saws are 10 percent taller and two times stronger than the first generation kit. These Lenox hole saws are expected to last 50 percent longer than the previous kit.

What else is great about the Lenox hole saw kit is the Speed Slot staircase design to make removing plugs so much simpler and quicker. Plus, the case comes with the kit.

If you don’t regularly use a hole saw, here’s how to properly use a hole saw.

Where to Buy the Lenox Hole Saw Kit

Find one at Lowe’s or at Lenox Tools.


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