Making Grilling Go Smoothly with the Meater Thermometer

Grilling gets a lot simpler with the Meater meat thermometer.

For the grilling novice, nothing is more reassuring than a meat thermometer and Meater has one of the best meat thermometer’s out there.

Meater Meat Thermometer Advantages

What makes Meater’s meat thermometer special is that it monitors the internal temperature and the external temperature of your meat while on the grill. From there, it’ll estimate the cook time for your meat, depending upon the temperature you want it at and what you’re cooking. It’ll even send you an alert when your meat has finished cooking.

Bluetooth technology allows you to monitor the temperature and cooking time from 33 feet away or up to 165 feet if you purchase the Meater+. The Meater+ includes a signal repeater that will extend the range by more than 130 feet.

The thermometer charges off a AAA battery, which will give you 100 uses.

The app provides a guided cook system so all you have to do is select what you’re cooking and the degree of doneness you’d like. Meater will estimate the cook time based on your inputs. Discover more grilling tools you’ll love on Amazon.

Find it at Meater’s website for $69 or pick up the Meater+ version that allows 165-foot range for $99.

Buy it now on Amazon.

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