Milwaukee Tool PIPELINE Episode Two Recap and Highlights

A brand new laser system and new PACKOUT add-ons made this an exciting installment for pros.

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool released the second episode of their PIPELINE virtual tool showcase last week. While not quite as stuffed with new product releases and information as the first episode, there was still plenty to unpack. This episode focused on two main product categories, introducing Milwaukee’s first laser systems and showing off some innovative updates to their popular PACKOUT storage system.

Here’s a rundown of everything Milwaukee Tool unveiled in the second installment of their online showcase:


Milwaukee is breaking into the laser level category with five new devices that were designed from the ground up with construction professionals in mind:

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

“Over multiple years and thousands of hours of jobsite research, we heard many stories and documented endless challenges when it comes to lasers,” said Ryan Schwoegler, vice president of product management at Milwaukee Tool. “But three critical areas stood out to us as a significant opportunity for Milwaukee to offer meaningful innovation: visibility, power, and laser setup.”

The first thing Milwaukee’s product designers did to help ensure their lasers would be as visible as possible was to make them all green. Green lasers are much brighter than their red counterparts and offer crisp, clean, and precise lines that are easy to work off.

But while green lasers are a definite upgrade in visibility, they also presented a problem. Highly visible green lasers require much more power and can burn through batteries on the jobsite, making them inefficient and expensive.

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

With that in mind, Milwaukee designed their lasers to work off their M12 and REDLITHIUM USB battery platforms. By relying on these powerful and rechargeable batteries, they avoided the typical pitfalls of alkaline battery-powered lasers and came up with a laser that can last for up to eight hours on a single charge.

They also made laser setup much simpler by incorporating a few dedicated control features that allow for pinpoint movement and positioning. One of those features is a micro-dial that pivots the laser incrementally so that slight adjustments can be made with more precision. Milwaukee also designed magnetic mounts and brackets that can be installed in diverse locations on the job so that pros can get a laser line wherever they need it.

All of the new lasers, mounts and brackets are available for pre-order.

The PACKOUT System

PIPELINE Episode 2 also showcased some new additions to the PACKOUT system:

  • PACKOUT 2 Drawer Tool Box;
  • PACKOUT 3 Drawer Tool Box;
  • PACKOUT Customizable Work Top;
  • PACKOUT 2-Wheel Cart.

Courtesy of Milwaukee ToolCourtesy of Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee plans on constantly evolving and adding to their PACKOUT storage system. The two new tool boxes are made to hold up on the jobsite, with metal reinforced corners and an impact resistant outer casing. They can also be latched and padlocked closed, keeping the drawers from jostling or spilling open and securing the stuff inside from potential thieves.

The worktop was added to make PACKOUT stations more versatile, transforming them from storage stacks into functioning work stations. The worktop has holes and surfaces for clamps and mounting options. It provides a wide, smooth surface that can be used as a desk for writing or typing.

Courtesy of Milwaukee ToolCourtesy of Milwaukee Tool

They also introduced a two-wheel cart that makes it much easier to transport PACKOUT drawers and any other bulky objects around the job. The cart has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. and storage slots in the back for long tools like levels. Its wheels were mounted on the interior of its base to provide as much maneuverability as possible.

Keep an eye out for more information on when these new additions to the PACKOUT line will be available for pre-order.

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