We Tried This Multi-Tool That Stashes on the Back of Your Phone

A multi-tool that attaches to your phone! We gave this novel idea and all its components a try.

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I’m a forgetful person. My mind is always off in la-la-land, daydreaming about some new furniture design, mountain bike trail or a book I’m working my way through. My wife can attest to me scrambling around our bungalow, mumbling “wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses” to myself each time I leave the house. Otherwise, I’m bound to leave something behind.

Recently I noticed SOG (Studies and Observations Group), the specialty knife and tool brand, teamed with the phone grip company PopSockets to release the PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool, which mounts to the back of smartphones or device cases. I found this idea tantalizingly and creative, since no one goes anywhere these days without their smartphones — including me.

So I ordered a Pop Socket multi-tool and installed it onto the back of my phone a few days later.

What is the PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool?

The PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool is a collapsible two-inch-diameter disk with a multi-tool embedded. The tool functions as a flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, mini pry bar a hex driver for 1/4-in. and 4mm bits or nuts. When not in use, the removable tool easily clicks in place, held by a magnetic locking system.

The PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool adheres to the back of your device with a strong peel-off adhesive tab. It also serves as a phone stand and one-handed grip, and it’s available in four colors.

The Test

I spent a couple of hours pacing around my garage shop, looking for specific uses for the PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool. I seemed to come up something for most everything. Here’s how each tool component fared:

Flathead/slotted screwdriver

The slotted screwdriver worked great on small and medium sized machine screws.

Because it’s on the corner of the tool, it’s easy to apply downward pressure and torque to the machine screws, to tighten or loosen as needed. But the scrawny 1/8-inch-wide tip struggled with slotted wood screws, brass screws and larger machine screws.

Bottle opener

The bottle opener worked effectively, as did the pry bar function and a finger, at opening my six-pack of Minnesota-made bottled beer and a couple of other stragglers in the back of the refrigerator.

I like the barb on the bottom lip of the opener assists in gripping the bottle cap so the tool doesn’t slide off.  The issue here is torque. The two-inch bar it’s not efficient at easily popping off the bottle caps so some elbow grease is needed.

Mini pry-bar

Again, no torque. I couldn’t find a single non-beer-opening job where two-inch long pry-bar helped. The 1/8-inch thickness is impractical. It worked OK as a spacer to adjust inset cabinet doors, but that’s as close as I will ever come to prying anything with the PopSockets Multi-Tool.

Hex drivers

Both hex drivers are pretty much useless except for a few situations.  The 1/4-in. hex driver helps on nuts from #4 machine screws, or in conjunction with a hex drive Phillips head, Torx or other bit.

Even after scouring every square inch of my foreign-made car, motorcycle and hoard of bicycles, I found only one use for the 4mm hex drive — sliding over a 4mm Allen key for a little extra oompf.

What Others Had to Say

Craigit, a verified Amazon Purchaser, gave it a glowing five-star review, writing: “The tool I never knew I needed. I’m happy I bought this. Super easy to install and the tool locking mechanism is clever with using a magnet. I also appreciate the larger size of the PopSockets vs. the normal size. My hands feel less cramped when using this one. Honestly it could have come without the tool and I would have been happy, the tool is a value add.”

Some didn’t like the larger size as much, like Mama Sojka who writes: “I think a [PopSockets] with a multi tool is pretty sweet. The detachable tool is secure when it’s locked in place and easy to get out. I also purchased it because it’s generally just bigger than your average [PopSockets]. My knock on this is that it’s not compatible with the normal [PopSockets] holder for my car. So the convenience of putting it in its holder is pretty much not possible.

Sierra, another verified purchaser and five-star reviewer, brings up a valid point when she writes: “Just got this, and it’s great! Amazing for work, and honestly, it looks bad a**. However, I’ve already lost the multi-tool. Is there any way to replace the multi-tool piece without buying everything else?”

Final Verdict

I use this multi-tool most often to open boxes. The beveled, pointed lip of the bottle opener slides through manila colored courier envelops and packing tape with ease. My bratwurst-sized fingers appreciate the large size, and it functions nicely as a phone stand and grip. It’s also good as a beer bottle opener or conversation starter, which often go hand in hand.

A multi-tool’s value is directly tied to functionality and transportability. You want a tool you’ll use when things pop up (pun intended). The PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool leaves a little to be desired in functionality, but at least it’s always with me, attached to the back of my rarely-forgotten smartphone.


  • Bottle opener and slotted screwdriver work well;
  • Nice for large hands and phones;
  • Handy for opening packages;
  • Great as a phone stand/grip;
  • Cool conversation starter.


  • Pry bar and 4mm hex wrench don’t work well;
  • Too large to work with other PopSockets accessories;
  • No tool replacements offered.

Where to Buy

Popsockets Popgrip Sog Multi Tool Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

The PopSockets Pop Grip SOG Multi-Tool is available at Amazon and Walmart, or from popsockets.com.

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