NALP Launches Climate Change Campaign for National Lawn Care Month

Taking care of the environment starts with taking care of your lawn.

The National Association of Landscaping Professionals (NALP) kicked off its annual National Lawn Care Month last week by announcing climate change education as the focus of this year’s initiative.

“We want to show people that their backyards, public parks, and other green spaces are not just places to relax and have fun,” said Lisa Stryker, NALP vice president of marketing and communications. “But they should also feel good about the yard’s ability to help fight climate change.”

As part of the announcement, the NALP released an animated video highlighting how landscaping can contribute to the health of the environment. The minute-long video, produced by Digital Brew, illustrates a few ways different approaches to landscaping can make a positive environmental impact.

“There is a way to fight climate change right from your backyard,” the video’s narrator says. “The trees, grass, and plants in your yard actually remove carbon from the atmosphere and trap it in the ground, where it creates nutrients that help your soil.”

Topics include how a healthy lawn benefits local water quality by filtering stormwater, and how placing trees and plants in the right locations can reduce home energy costs.

The goal of National Lawn Care Month is to show lawn care professionals and homeowners how their landscaping decisions influence their homes and the global climate. By raising awareness of the issues at hand, the NALP hopes to spark a conversation around its industry’s unique position in the fight against climate change.

“There is more of a focus from the new administration and in state legislatures about addressing the impacts of climate change,” said Andrew Bray, NALP vice president of government relations. “We want to ensure that we are leading the discussion about how healthy lawns and landscapes help mitigate the negative effects.”

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