Why You Should Never, Ever Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

You may say it's comfortable, but it really isn't worth the risk.

In 2019, more than 38,800 people died in the U.S. in car accidents. Non-fatal car accidents run even higher. Here’s how you can reduce your risk of injury in a crash.

Automotive Safety

There are the standard, seemingly no-brainers of automotive safety, like wearing a seatbelt, not speeding, and never drinking and driving. These factors are within your control. But another seemingly harmless car-riding habit may be putting your body at serious risk., Just ask Audra Tatum.

A Real-Life Example

Tatum and her husband live in Walker County, Georgia., and frequently ferry their three kids to various activities. Whenever she sat in the front passenger seat, she had a habit of doing something she shouldn’t, according to CBS News.

“All my life I had my legs crossed and my foot on the dash,” Tatum said. “My husband always told me, ‘You’re going to get in a wreck someday, and you’re going to break your legs.’ “

Tatum always said she could pull her foot off before the airbag deployed. On August 2, 2015, she learned her lesson the hard way. While her husband drove them to her parents’ house to pick up their two boys, their car collided with another that unexpectedly pulled out in front of them. 

The Consequences of Feet on the Dashboard

While the other passengers escaped with scrapes and bruises, Tatum’s femur, ankle, arm and nose were broken on impact.

She couldn’t walk for a month. Two years later, she is still recovering. Now she wants everyone to take her misfortune as a warning: Do not put your foot on the dashboard. 

“I keep telling everybody, you don’t want this life,” she said. “You don’t want the pain and agony every day.”

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[Source: CBS News]

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