Niagara Showerheads Review

Check out Niagara Showerheads that conserve water and make sure you always start the shower with hot water.

Niagara Heathguard Showerhead

A dirty showerhead isn’t just a nuisance because the stream starts going in different directions but it could be a bigger problem. That dirty showerhead could be carrying bacteria.

We know how to clean a showerhead but how do you do a deep clean? That’s what Niagara went about solving when it designed its HealthGuard showerhead.

The HeathGuard has an antimicrobial coating to prevent bacteria growth and a button on the showerhead you can push to remove the faceplate to clean deeper.

Niagara Hot Start Showerhead

If you warm up the shower once it reaches 95 degrees it will reduce to a trickle — saving water and money. Once you’re ready to hop in the shower you can simply hit the resume button and bring back the stream to a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute.

The Hot Start is part of Niagara’s Stealth System and it is a unique temperature-controlled showerhead. It also is EPA WaterSense certified, so it helps conserve water and lower utility bills.

Where to Buy Niagara Showerheads

You can find these Niagara showerheads at Niagara’s website or at HD Supply.

Niagara Hot Start ShowerheadNiagara Corp

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