Here’s the Secret, Non-Toxic Trick to Evicting Mice from Your Kitchen

Have a mouse in the house? Here's what to do!

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I think we can all agree, having a mouse in the house is only good news is if you’re visiting Disney World. Sure, there are lots of ways to get rid of the rodents, but do you know how to get rid of mice in your home safely? It’s especially important if you have children or pets. You want to keep them safe while you keep rodents at bay.

Luckily, we found some safer remedies that will keep mice away. (The first one’s my favorite!)

4 Ways to Get Rid of Mice

1. Peppermint oil

Mice hate the smell of peppermint oil. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and wipe it on the baseboards in your kitchen and pantry. Add a little more oil to the cotton balls and leave them in the corners of cabinets or shelves where food is stored. (Buy peppermint oil here.)

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2. Camphor

Most people prefer the smell of peppermint to camphor, so you’ll want to keep this out of the kitchen and other living areas. But an old sock filled with mothballs (like these) placed near the vents or windows of the attic, basement or shed discourage mice from moving in. Hang the socks to keep them out of reach of children.

3. Kitty litter

It’s definitely not an indoor solution, but the smell of used kitty litter tells mice there’s a cat in the area. Again, an old sock full of the stuff will keep mice at bay. If you don’t have a feline of your own, ask a friend with a cat to donate a bit of litter to the cause.

4. Instant mashed potatoes

Nope, we’re not kidding. Put a small container of the flakes where you see evidence of mice. After the mice eat the potatoes, the flakes will expand in their stomachs and wreak havoc before they’re fully digested. Skip this one if you have pets.

If you have a mouse in the house, it might also be time to reorganize your pantry. You’ll want to put any food in boxes or bags into airtight storage containers. These are our favorite food storage containers.

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