This Isn’t a White Elephant Gift, But It Might Sound Like One

File this holiday gift under: Totally Unexpected yet Completely Beloved.

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The year 2020 was the year of toilet paper shortages, and the year Americans realized there’s more than one way to clean up after using the restroom.

Enter: the bidet.

Bidets are a bathroom standard in Asia and Europe, but until recently few Americans chose to clean themselves with water instead of toilet paper. That is, until COVID-19 hoarding made toilet paper hard to find.

Kohler Co., a U.S. based plumbing product manufacturer, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel back in March its bidet sales were up eightfold over March 2019. And Google saw bidet search results for the first time … ever. Kohler Co. anticipates demand for bidets will continue as the product grows in popularity through referrals and online ratings.

“In most cases, you’re breaking a routine that you learned at three years old,” says Kohler Co. Marketing Manager Nicole Allis. “Once you get used to cleaning with water you don’t want to go back.”

Kohler’s bidets cost around $800 and require plumbing to install. Even higher-end Japanese Toto bidets (or washlets) go for anywhere from $450 to thousands of dollars. The best Toto washlets have an automatic lid and a musical function to cover up any embarrassing bathroom sounds. But at that price point, we’ll just fly to Tokyo for vacation — thank you very much.

Don’t worry, there’s a better bidet way. And it’s totally gift-able and way more affordable.


The Tushy Modern Bidet Attachment turns any standard toilet into a bidet. The attachment is easy for an amateur DIY-person to install, and doesn’t require electricity or a plumber.

To install a Tushy Modern Bidet Attachment: Remove your toilet seat, attach the Tushy, connect to water, and voilà! Clean bottoms ahead. Still concerned you can’t install it? We broke down to install a Tushy bidet attachment in seven easy steps.

A simple knob lets you control the pressure, from gentle to powerful. Bidets have other benefits apart from hygiene. They save money on toilet paper and septic use. If (gasp!) you’re still using wet wipes to clean yourself, it’s truly time to upgrade to a bidet attachment. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

The Classic has more than 6,800 reviews, and the majority are five-star. One user says, “Buying a tushy was a life changing decision. It might sound trivial to the common people but words can’t describe how much better you feel using it. I’m hooked and never going back to primitive wiping.”

We asked a Tushy user for her thoughts on the bidet attachment. Anne Olivia Bauso, a Brooklyn resident, tells us, “After a trip to Japan, I came home with my heart absolutely set on the Toto washlet. But I just couldn’t commit to the $450 price tag (and the ugly cord) for my rental apartment. The Tushy has been the perfect compromise! The set up took about a half hour, for someone with zero plumbing experience, and it looks nice and discreet. It’s so easy to use and effective — I legit can’t imagine how I lived without it before.”

The Classic is on sale for $89, or upgrade to the Tushy Spa Warm Water Bidet Attachment for $119. The latter offers temperature and pressure control. Both versions come in various colors to match your toilet and bathroom decor. It’s not the most expected gift under the tree for someone you love, but it will upgrade their bathroom and maybe their whole life.

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