This Portable Campfire Lets You Enjoy a Fire Nearly Anywhere

Bring extra comfort to any trip, whether overnight or longer, with this handy portable campfire. BYOC: Bring Your Own Campfire!

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What’s better than the coziness of gathering around a campfire? Nothing! But building a campfire isn’t always possible. You have to gather wood, set up a safe fire ring, and of course get the fire started.

To avoid all that, check out this portable campfire from Radiate. This Shark Tank product has everything you need to enjoy a roaring fire without all the work. With up to five hours of burn time and an easy-to-extinguish design, this is one of the easiest portable fire pits you’ll find. All you need is a way to light it. Marshmallows optional!

What Is a Portable Campfire?

Basically, an easy-to-transport campfire system. They’re usually small and lightweight. Some make use of wax-like substances similar to candles, while others power the flames with propane.

The Radiate Portable Campfire goes the wax route. It’s especially ideal because it only weighs four pounds. At eight inches wide and 3-1/2-in. tall, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack.

Radiate makes its portable campfires with soy wax and recycled paper briquettes. That helps minimize its footprint on the world, and leaves you with a warm fire that doesn’t require special cleanup. Think of it as a giant candle for you and your friends to gather around.

The Radiate Portable Campfire doesn’t produce smoke or embers, so it’s safe for places that don’t allow wood-based campfires. And because it’s made of wax, it’s easy to put out and reuse. Just snuff out the flame with the included lid and wait for it to cool before transporting it safely.

How to Use a Portable Campfire

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Lighting the Radiate Portable Campfire is a snap. Open the tin, grab a lighter or matches and light the included paper briquettes. Once lit, the fire will sustain itself. It’s like a candle but with much higher and warmer flames.

Keeping a wood-based campfire going requires adding logs periodically. With the Radiate Portable Campfire, you never need to add more wax; it has all it needs to work. The ease-of-use has made the product extremely popular on TikTok and Amazon. And yes, it’s safe to roast marshmallows over the Radiate.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

TikTok users aren’t the only ones raving about the Radiate Portable Campfire. Amazon reviewers give it 4.6 stars.

Verified purchaser Keana Z. can’t get enough of this portable campfire. “Love the Radiate!” she writes. “Simple to light and the fire is up to max size fairly quickly … certainly quicker than a traditional wood campfire; regardless of any fire starter that can be used.”

Another verified purchaser, Eric, writes: “Saw this product on Shark Tank and bought it immediately. I am a campfire junkie. Sometimes I want a quick fire to sit by and have a cocktail. This is perfect. When you’re done you put the lid on and go in the house.”

Sara Wilhelm writes: “Great item. Used it on a camping trip at about 12,000 feet after a long day of hiking. Worked great in rain (and some hail). Puts out a lot of light and is easy to manage (just put the cover back on) and is easy to light.”

Where to Buy the Radiate Portable Campfire

Expect to pay between $27.99 and $30 for the Radiate Portable Campfire. It’s available on Amazon and the Radiate web site. You can buy it in bundles of two, four or eight to save on the final cost. A campfire anytime you want one? Priceless.

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