This Multi-Plug Outlet Has 43,000 Five-Star Amazon Ratings, So We Tried It

The Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet is an easy way to plug in multiple appliances. Our tech expert gave it a spin.

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Some homes don’t have enough available outlets to meet modern electronic demands. The Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet offers the quickest way to solve that problem. Its sturdy construction, six outlet capacity and smart plug components provide one of the easiest ways to upgrade your living space without calling an electrician.

Is it worth the $20 investement? As a tech editor and electronic appliance enthusiast, I was thrilled to review the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet. Here’s what I learned.

What is the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet?

The Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet is one of the best smart plugs available. It’s three-sided, with six outlets and two USB-fast charging ports. That’s a huge upgrade for a home office and living rooms during the holidays.

It features a smart night light with a dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically turns everything on and off. It also includes a touch sensor for three levels of adjustable brightness. It’s everything you need, all in one budget-priced package.

Installation is minimal. Just plug it in and use the optional screw (included) to secure it to a duplex outlet. Think of it as a permanent power strip. It’s important to consider regular electrical outlet safety when using this product. But if used responsibly, this smart plug transforms the way you interact with everyday appliances.

If you’re tired of routinely unplugging the hair dryer so you can use your electric toothbrush, or powering off the Instant Pot so you have room for the coffee maker, the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet is for you.

How We Tested It

Testing the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet meant revamping my bedroom setup. Before I received the outlet, I typically plugged in every important charger via a normal outlet. That includes a MacBook Air charger, a smaller generic USB-C charger to power my Kindle Paperwhite, a lamp and several other devices I like to keep bedside.

There’s also a box fan and the occasional space heater in the winter, though you shouldn’t plug space heaters into power strips. The same goes for appliances that generate heat, because they’re fire hazards. I simply move the fan and heater to another area in the room when either are in use.

All told, the current setup wasn’t exactly the textbook definition of things you should never do with power strips. But it was time for a much-needed organizational makeover for my own sanity and safety, not to mention eliminating the annoyance of moving a lengthy strip out of the way if I needed to vacuum. Enter the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet.

To begin, I removed all the devices and power strips from the regular two-port outlet on my wall. I plugged in the new Powrui outlet, but didn’t add the screw for stability since I planned to leave most of the same items plugged in most of the time.

The outlet is hard, white plastic. It isn’t pliable or weak, and it feels like a factory-made outlet you’d install in your home from a manufacturer. It will not, however, sit flush to your wall — it juts out. That’s something you’ll have to deal with, unfortunately, and it’s a relatively minor annoyance.

During my testing there were quite a few thunderstorms when I typically lost power, but the night light and USB remained powered on — a sure sign it retained surge protection capabilities.

Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet Product Features

The Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet is budget-friendly, but it certainly doesn’t look that way out of the box. If you didn’t know how much you paid for it, you might guess it’s an expensive piece of tech.

It’s crafted of hard, sturdy, glossy plastic. The outlets on either side are flush with the plastic build while the front outlets and USB ports are raised, surrounded by the bright LED strip that illuminates a room quite well when powered on.

You’ll find t​he touch sensor at the top of the unit. Tap it for a responsive change in brightness, with three levels to cycle through. There’s also an off button should you decide you don’t need a night light after all.

The outlet also features special safety shutdown technology; thermal fuses power down your system down if the surge protection fails. I didn’t happen to me, but it’s a good safety precaution if you live somewhere with a lot of heavy rain and thunderstorms. In my old home, where I went through two gaming consoles thanks to poorly-grounded outlets, this would have been extremely helpful.


  • Incredibly easy to install;
  • Plug in eight devices at once;
  • Added USB ports for convenience;
  • Automatic and adjustable night light;
  • Integrated surge protection;
  • Affordable price.


  • Doesn’t sit flush against every wall outlet.


Are multi-plug outlets safe?

Yes, but they aren’t without potential hazards. Make sure it features surge protection. Otherwise, treat them like power strips. As long as they’re in locations with adequate airflow, avoid connecting multi-plug outlets to other multi-plug outlets and stay mindful of the devices you plug in, there aren’t any concerning safety issues.

Can you plug an extension cord into a multi-plug outlet?

No. Never plug a power strip into a multi-plug outlet and never plug a power strip into another power strip. Not only do you risk damaging devices, but you could inadvertently start a fire or be electrocuted. Daisy-chaining outlets or power strips together makes it more likely that one of the outlets or strips will fail.

Can I use my smart home assistant with the Powrui multi-plug outlet?

Yes, you can use a smart assistant with this multi-plug outlet. However, you’ll have to do it by plugging in a smart home hub. There aren’t any built-in smart home components with this outlet.

There are plenty of sockets and two USB ports for you to plug in your hub and connect. It isn’t an all-in-one solution, but it is doable. And you can always plug in multiple smart devices, which is always a plus.

What other reviewers had to say

Amazon reviewers can’t get enough of the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet, which has more than 53,000 reviews and a 4.7 star rating.

Verified purchaser C. Solomon found the outlet practical and good-looking, writing: “This product is fantastic! It has good surge immunity specs and allowed be to plug in four large power bricks, one normal power cable and still have one outlet free for further expansion.”

Another verified purchaser, Lateka, is obsessed with her outlet, writing: “I love a product that has dual uses. Not only does this product turn two outlets into six in the most sleek and stylish way but it also double as a kitchen night light.”

Amazon verified purchaser, Steffani, called it low key genius. She writes: “I have one in the living room where everyone is constantly trying to charge their phones, plus there’s a lamp and it also lets me plug in our hair dryer and straightener too. This does it all!”

Final Verdict

If running out of available outlets is something you deal with more often than you’d like, the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet is a no-brainer solution. It’s dependable, affordable and works with little muss or fuss.

In my home, it reliably charged all my devices and extended the options to power tech and appliances. I came away thoroughly impressed.

I found my laptops at full power, and my iPhone 13 Pro Max good and juiced up. My nightlight remained on all night, dimming when the sun rose each day. I would highly recommend this plug’s performance, especially at such a low price.

The Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet is a smart option for anyone who needs to keep several items plugged in long-term. It’s an ideal solution for families sharing a bathroom (and an outlet), and the perfect way to put up indoor holiday decorations.

Where to Buy the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet

Ready to add more outlets to any room in your home like I did? Purchase the Powrui Multi-Plug Outlet on Amazon for around $20. It’s available in white and comes with an instruction manual. Never move the couch to reach an outlet again.

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