Preview: Ikea’s New Line of Limited-Edition Cleaning Tools

This February, Ikea is rolling out the new, limited-edition Borstad collection of cleaning tools and accessories, both in-store and online.

Ikea BorstadIkea

Are your tools this cool?

They can be! This February, Ikea is rolling out the new, limited-edition Borstad collection of cleaning tools and accessories, made chiefly from natural and recycled materials. They’re just what you’d expect from the popular budget-minded European furniture retailer: beautiful, economical and eco-conscious.

“The inspiration was archetypal cleaning and clothes-care products from times gone by, today most of which are made of plastic in a modern style that is practical, but often not so beautiful … ,” says Caroline Krysén, Marketing and Communications Leader at Ikea. “The Borstad pieces are so beautiful you can even keep them in full view. Products like this can sometimes be found in an old hardware store, or in trendy shops in Williamsburg, but often at much higher prices.”

The collection includes more than 25 items, such as handwoven rattan laundry baskets, hangable cedar blocks and potpourri sachets, the sweetest little $2 hand broom and a handmade rattan carpet beater that, frankly, looks like a woodland sprite’s magic wand.

A few more hardworking standouts we’re into (all pictured above):

Borstad Hanging Organizer ($13): As we all know, pockets are everything. This nice, neutral hanging organizer has plenty of them to hold whatever it is you need at the ready. Think: laundry staples, shoes, scarves, mobile phones, keys, those reusable grocery bags you forget EVERY grocery-store trip. Spacious, smart, durable…done.

Borstad Rinsing Tub ($20): A classic and sturdy multi-functional helper for mopping, washing delicates, dog baths or even a well-deserved foot bath. It could also work as decorative open storage for blankets or shoes.

Borstad Dust Pan/Brush ($13): You expect a brush and dustpan to be functional, but this pair is so sweep-you-off-your-feet farmhouse chic it deserves a high-profile hook rather than a hiding place. Bonus: You’ll know right where to find them when the cereal, dog food or elbow macaroni goes flying across the floor.

The Borstad collection is available both in stores and online starting February 1—just in time for spring cleaning.

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