Tool Hack for Safety: Add a Ledge to Your Push Pad

Don't throw away a useless push block. Revive your tool with this simple trick.

jointer push blockFamily Handyman

Push pad upgrade

Push pads for jointers keep your fingers away from the cutterhead. But when they get dusty, they lose their grip. This can cause your workpiece to kick back, potentially causing injury.

How to fix a push pad that slips

You can clean the pads, but eventually the grippy surface just won’t grip. I don’t throw them away, however. Instead, I fasten a small wood block to the back end of the push pad so that it overhangs about 1/4 in. The block hooks the end of my workpiece so it can’t slip. — Brody Parry

Want a finger-saving push stick? Try this one.

jointer push blockFamily Handyman

jointer push blockFamily Handyman

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