Reader Project: Hidden Staircase Drawer

Check out this great project for hidden stair drawers from one of our readers

Matthew Maixner doesnt like to carryhis shoes up to his room.His dad, Mark, doesnt likehaving shoes lying around.So Matthew dreamed up this solutionand Mark executed it.

To build these stair drawers, two drawer boxesfit between the stair stringers, and thestair riser acts as the drawer front. Whenthe drawer is closed, you wouldnt know its there. If you adopt Matthews idea,be sure to use self-closing slides. If notcompletely closed, the drawer couldcause an ugly accident.

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Thesestair drawers were my sons ideaand it works great. Nowif we could just get himto clean his room… Mark Maixner

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hidden staircase drawerPhoto: Courtesy of Mark Maixner

hidden staircase drawer