Reader Project: Toolbox with Radio

Turn an old toolbox into a high-tech tool box with radio combo.

toolbox radio

toolbox radio inside wires

toolbox radio on shelf in shop

How to make a tool box with radio

This is my new mancave radio. I was totally fed up with my old radio and the inability to tune a station, when I stumbled onto the radio my son had removed from his Toyota truck. I purchased the following to create this toolbox radio:

  • Set of four speakers ($40)
  • Old toolbox on Craigslist ($15)
  • Computer power supply ($8)
  • Antenna ($7)

Other items like the switch, RCA connectors and antifreeze bottles I had on hand. So far this tool box with radio works great and is a huge upgrade to my shop! I no longer have to spend several minutes trying to tune a random station every time I enter. — David L. Harmon

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