New Company ‘RenoRun’ Delivers Materials Directly to Your Jobsite

RenoRun wants to bring you everything you need for a job directly to the jobsite.

Courtesy of RenoRun

Every construction project, whether you’re a carpenter, plumber or electrician, starts and stops with having the correct materials on your jobsite at the right time. Running around picking up screws and lumber is a waste of time that could have otherwise been spent working and building.

But what if someone else did the materials shopping for you? Well, that’s where RenoRun comes in.

What is RenoRun?

RenoRun, founded in 2017, provides same-day delivery of materials and supplies to jobsites. Owner Eamonn O’Rourke, a 20+ year construction industry veteran, saw an opportunity to streamline the process of getting materials to construction jobs on time and ahead of schedule.

“We often ask ourselves, are we a technology company, a retail company or a construction company? The answer is, we’re all three,” said O’Rourke. “We harness the power of data and technology to create supply efficiencies, we offer the convenience of mobile and e-commerce shopping and we’re contractors serving contractors.”

RenoRun’s insider knowledge is what really sets it apart from other delivery services. The service was built by contractors, for contractors, allowing them to provide trade-specific knowledge to their customers. Using that “insider knowledge,” RenoRun helps contractors plan project materials lists; crowd-source new products to add to their catalog based on customer requests; and schedule smart, efficient deliveries to your jobsite.

Courtesy of RenoRun

How Does RenoRun Work?

RenoRun works like food delivery services such as UberEats. Customers make shopping selections from the service’s in-depth catalog, selecting from options curated by the RenoRun staff.  Once customers are finished shopping, they can schedule their delivery for a later date or choose from same-day or express delivery options.

RenoRun delivery drivers take over the order from there. They pick up your materials, pack them up into one of RenoRun’s dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles and bring them to your jobsite. For an added fee the driver can even bring the materials to precisely where they’re needed on the jobsite.

How Much Does RenoRun Cost?

RenoRun delivery costs vary. Express delivery (orders delivered in as a little as two hours) and scheduled delivery (orders delivered within a chosen one hour window) currently cost $60. Flexible deliveries (orders that can be delivered any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.) cost $50. Walk-in deliveries, take-off services and boom truck delivery have custom costs that depend on the specific situation.

Repeat customers can also sign up for RenoRun pro, a monthly or yearly subscription that knocks nearly 50 percent of the cost of each delivery.

Where is RenoRun Available?

RenoRun is currently operating in the U.S. in Boston, Mass. and Austin, Tex., as well as in Canada in Montreal and Toronto. More locations are opening soon. If you are interested in using RenoRun services in your city, let the company know here.

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