Ruggable and Jonathan Adler Teamed Up to Create Washable Rugs

Ruggable and Jonathan Adler have officially joined forces to make the most stylish washable rugs we've seen yet.

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Home decor wishes do come true! Finding an affordable, washable and designer rug is finally an option, thanks to the Ruggable and Jonathan Adler collection. This stunning new washable rug collection just launched at prices you’ll love. High design that delivers utility on a practical real-world budget? Yes, please. And, we spoke with an interior decorator to help you choose the best rug from the line.

What is the Ruggable and Jonathan Adler washable rug collection?

Whether you have a high-traffic home or own oodles of adorable pets, the idea of a washable rug is obviously appealing. It’s even more appealing when a world-famous designer creates the patterns and prints at affordable prices. And that’s exactly what the Ruggable and Jonathan Adler collection is all about. The lineup includes a total of 16 indoor chenille rug designs in 10 different sizes— all of which proudly display Adler’s signature modern American style.

They bring bright, cheerful vibes to any room, and are easily detached from their base layers to throw in the washing machine. The best part? Washable rugs mean anyone with kids or pets (or both) can continue to live stylish lives without fear of ruining their favorite designs. Ruggable also makes some of the best outdoor rugs you can throw in the wash, too.

What does an interior decorator think?

“I have had many clients with young children and pets who would love to invest in designer rugs with wonderful patterns and color. Sometimes they are afraid of designer rugs though because they’re concerned over their kids and animals making messes on the rugs,” explains interior design expert Amy Studebaker. ” Now, with Jonathan Adler creating statement pieces with Ruggable, there is no more worry over ruining a rug. You can make a mess and just throw it in the wash— simple as that!”

There are a lot of shapes, colors and designs to pick from. Everything from a bold emerald green rug with a snake motif to a more classic ivory geometric design. If you’re unsure where to start or how to buy a rug online that’s actually right for your space, Studebaker suggests going blue. “One of my favorite rugs is Inkdrop in Lapis Blue. It’s a classic deep blue. The simple geometry of this rug will not only mix wonderfully into a traditional setting but a modern aesthetic as well.”

Where to buy Ruggable and Jonathan Adler washable rugs

The new Jonathan Adler and Ruggable collection is a limited edition run, with all 16 designs being released on Ruggable this week. Add them to your cart quickly, because when these sell out across the USA and Canada, there’s no telling if the same prints and patterns will ever return. These washable works of art range in price from $90 to $719 and bring bright, bold joyfulness to any space. For now, they’re only available through Ruggable directly.

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