Sam’s Club Has the Coolest New Member Perk

This fun twist on grocery shopping has us running to Sam's Club stores.

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There’s so much to love about Sam’s Club. The bulk discount store carries goods that run the gamut from food and drinks to auto and home decor. If you haven’t yet stepped through the doors, this is among the best places to do party shopping. Need a crate of artisanal cheeses with a case of chardonnay? A bundle of tasty New York strip steaks for grilling and every ingredient you need to make a potluck-worthy chocolate cake or two? Sam’s has you covered.

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But the latest craze that has new Sam’s Club members running to the store is its New Member Scavenger Hunt. Think of it as a mobile game that adds a dash of intrigue to the shopping experience. It also doles out instantly redeemable rewards. Score!

How the Sam’s scavenger hunt works

During your first month as a new member, head to the store with your smartphone and open up the mobile treasure hunt site. Start the signup process by entering your email info and voilà—you’ve won a free sundae as your first reward. Next, while dreaming of that sundae, you can answer questions about daily deals and top-selling items while racking up different discounts and additional freebies.

You’ll soon find yourself dashing through aisles to rack up the rewards. In the process, you’ll get a crash course in the store’s expansive layout, which can be quite overwhelming to a new shopper. You’ll find all the best deals at Sam’s, too. Once you’ve completed all tasks, your rewards and deals will be emailed to you and will be accessible right there and then.

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If that isn’t enough to get you signed up, membership at Sam’s Club comes with a range of benefits, including early shopping hours, free shipping and, of course, one-stop shopping for a wide variety of deals.

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