Seal the Deal on Curb Appeal

Rejuvenate your homes appearance and boost its value with an attractive new garage door.

For anyone seeking a fast and affordable way to amp up their homes curb appeal, an unexpected solution is hiding in plain sight: the oft-overlooked garage door. This may come as a surprise. But if you think for a moment, it makes perfect sense. After all, few exterior home upgrades pack a larger visual punchor provide as much bang for your buckas an investment in a new, eye-catching garage door that seamlessly matches, as well as enhances, your homes architecture. (Especially if your garage faces the street.)

clopay garage doorPhoto by Andy Frame. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Clopay Reserve Wood Collection Semi-Custom Series garage doors

A stunning new garage door is no small thing when it comes to curb appealliterally. As a matter of fact, some garage doors account for as much as 40% of a homes facade. Talk about visual impact! And on the financial end, the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report shows that the home upgrade with the best return on investment iswait for ita garage door. (The study reports that the average homeowner recoups a whopping 97.5% of the cost of a new garage door, which ranks number one among nearly two dozen upgrade projects. 2019 Hanley Wood, LLC. Complete data from the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at

In short, your garage door is a major architectural element that deserves more respect than it typically receives. And Clopay, one of Americas leading garage-door manufacturers, offers a dazzling array of design optionsmore than 1,000 in allas well as a wide selection of colors. Think about how exciting itll be to quickly elevate your garage from drab to fab, plus complement your homes architectural style. Itll quickly be the talk of the neighborhood.

clopay garage doorsPhoto courtesy of Clopay

Clopay Canyon Ridge Ultra Grain Series garage doors

Clopay doors also are available in many different high-quality materials, ranging from steel, aluminum and faux-wood composites to glass and even many natural wood species. In addition, advanced and robust paint- and stain-application processes ensure that your new garage door will be as durable as it is beautiful for years to come.

Charming and rustic carriage-house styles? Check. Traditional multi-panel doors? You bet. Mid-century modern, contemporary or somewhere-in-between designs? Got it coveredalong with sleek, customizable aluminum-and-glass doors that maximize natural light. Clopay also offers decorative windows and hardware options and lots of other ways to make your garage door a distinctive part of your homeand the star of your neighborhood.

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Clopay Coachman Collection garage door

Sure, there are many ways to improve your homes exterior appearance. A fresh coat of paint job or new siding, for instance. Or a big landscaping makeover. But projects like that can easily take weeks and carry exorbitant price tags, too.

A new garage door can have as much or more impact on your curb appeal as those improvements. Better yet, a professional garage door dealer can install one in just a day.And its possible to buy an attractive, high-quality insulated garage doorand have it installedfor less than $1,000. Lets face it: You probably spent more on lattes and coffees last year!

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Clopay Avante Collection garage doors with frosted glass panels

Furthermore, if youre fairly handy around the house, you and a few friends could tackle the job yourselves. (Sorrylunch and libations are on you.) Clopays EZ-SET spring system makes an otherwise dangerous part of garage-door installation safe and easy; you just use a drill to wind the spring to the correct tension. And if you encounter a snag, no problemClopay even offers an online tutorial video to help out DIYers.

Theres another good reason to consider a new garage door from Clopay: energy conservation and efficiency. Many door models can be ordered with optional insulation, which can reduce energy loss in your garage by up to 71 percent. In fact, an insulated door can keep an unheated garage anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The folks at Clopay realize that a new garage door is a big decisiontypically a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Visually, a garage door is a big part of your home. And you see it every day, so you want to get the style and color just right. To help you make a decision confidently, as well as see options you perhaps didnt even know existed, Clopay offers an innovative solution: the Door Imagination System.

clopay garage doorPhoto by Brian Gassel. All rights reserved.

Clopay Gallery Collection garage door with Ultra Grain finish

This digital visualization tool allows you to experiment with a wide range of designs and colors. Heres how it works: Just snap a photo of your homes exterior and upload it to the Clopay website. Then explore various door designs and colors to see how theyd look on your home. Its just that easy.

So go ahead and start thinking about how a new garage door could potentially boost your homes curb appeal. For a relatively modest investment and in just one day, you can quickly give your abode a visual makeover worthy of a TV remodeling show. An exciting and affordable solution to new-found curb appeal is right there in front of you, hiding in plain sight. Just add a little of your own imagination and youll be amazed at the results. New garage door, new houseitll be love at first sight all over again!