Simple Workbench in a Day

Build a cheap workbench in a day with this easy plan.

Looking for a cheap and easy workbench plan? You can find a lot of plans online, but most are for serious woodworkers who don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars and several days building a workbench. If you just want a simple, utilitarian workbench that you can build in a day, here it is. The legs and frame are 2x4s, and the top is 2x10s. You could substitute two layers of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) for the top if you like. Assemble the parts with construction adhesive and screws to make sure the bench remains sturdy. Later, when you have some extra time you can jazz up the workbench with these DIY workbench upgrades.

Simple Workbench Plan

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— Jeff Gorton, Associate Editor

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