Table Saw Sled for Cutting Strips

Make cutting strips on your table saw much safer with this tip.

Family Handyman

If you’ve ever ripped thin strips on the table saw, you know it’s tough. Leave the guard on, and it blocks the fence from getting close enough to the blade. Leaving off the guard is downright dangerous with that little space between the blade and the fence, where thin strips can get trapped. Then they either get destroyed or are sent right back at you. And push sticks get eaten alive. The solution is a cutting jig. All you need is a straight, flat 3-ft.-long 2×6. Screw a 10-in.-long 1×3 stop to the end and you’re ready to rip. You can make as many identical strips as you need without adjusting the fence. It does gets awkward to use the system for strips longer than 36 in. or so. Caution: You have to do this without a guard, so be careful!

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