Smart Home Savvy: Crestron Home Automation

Crestron home automation is a truly integrated smart home system that allows you to control every aspect of your home with a single network.

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Imagine walking into the kitchen for breakfast. Now, with one push of a button, automatic shades rise to let in sunlight and the TV turns on to your favorite news program. As you hurry out the door for work, another quick button press and you can close your garage door, turn off every light in the house and set thermostat for the day. Sounds pretty futuristic, right? Welcome to the world of Crestron home automation, a truly integrated smart home system that allows you to control every aspect of your home with a single network. If you’re considering a home automation system, here are a few things to know.

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What is home automation?

Home automation is a way to connect many aspects of your home into one streamlined system, allowing you to control everything from one interface. Home automation, aka a smart home system, connects all of the physical components of home management into one network. With a home automation system you get one-stop access to automate and control your lighting, music, door locks, thermostats, televisions, security cameras and more.

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What is Crestron home automation?

Crestron is one of the lead providers of home automation, and a popular choice for luxury homes. Here’s how it works: Crestron manufacturers home automation products like motorized shades, locks, lighting, speakers and thermostats. An authorized dealer, also referred to as the integrator, actually designs and installs the system in your home. This process allows the Crestron system to be custom fit to the specific needs of the homeowner. In addition to Crestron products, a Crestron system can integrate devices and appliances from other brands. When your Crestron system is up and running, you can control everything from a sleek touch screen wall tablet.

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How does Crestron compare to other smart home systems?

A couple of Crestron’s biggest competitors are Savant and Control4. Like Crestron, these companies are top-tier providers in the home automation market. One way they differ is in price. A Crestron system is likely to cost substantially more than a Savant or Control4 system. The Control4 platform is the most affordable of the three and Savant is mid-price provider. Crestron requires the highest financial investment, but keep in mind, the higher price point comes with more options. Crestron is the gold standard of the industry and offers the most in terms of integration, customization and luxury features.

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