Stuff We Love: Genie LED Light Bulb

This Genie LED light bulb is made for garage door openers.

Vibrations created from a garage door opening and closing is hard on the filaments in incandescent bulbs, thats why until recently rough service incandescent bulbs were the best choice for your garage door opener. But if youre like most of us, when the garage door opener light goes out, it may take months to replace it. Mostly because you dont notice its out until you get home and at that point your car is in the way.

So whats the solution? You may be tempted to install a long lasting, filament-free LED bulb. But dont install just any LED bulb though. The electronics in many LED bulbs can interfere with your openers receiver, reducing its range to just a few feet! Thats why Genie developed an LED specifically for garage door openers. The bulbs electronics are shielded to prevent receiver interference. Its built to withstand vibrations and cold temperatures down to -22-deg.F. And it’s rated for damp locations (most LEDs arent). This LED also has a 25,000-hour lifespan which equates to about a 17-year lifespan. Not bad for $10!

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