Nearly Half of Survey Respondents Want Energy Efficient Appliances in Their Homes

A recent survey asked people to rank how sustainability solutions would impact their lives. Find out the results here.

As a modern homebuilder, it is vitally important to stay up to date on current trends within the industry. One such trend is sustainability, which people are turning to both out of a sense of responsibility for the environment and to save themselves money through energy-efficient practices.

In a recent survey, participants were given a selection of home and building sustainability solutions and asked which of the options they thought would have the most positive effect on their daily life and on their local community as a whole. There were a number of options available, including eco-friendly or green building products, renewable energy sources, and smart devices and building controls.

The results show that 47 percent of survey respondents said that energy efficient appliances would have a positive effect on their daily lives. While there’s some debate around how much money energy efficient appliances really save an individual homeowner, upgrading old appliances to newer, more efficient models that use less resources is never a bad idea. And when it comes to building new homes, having the latest modern appliances installed is a great way to make a home stand out.

Renewable energy was another popular option, with 40 percent of respondents saying that renewable energy would make their daily lives better and 39 percent saying it would gave a positive impact on their community. Solar power is an increasingly popular option for renewable energy, although there are still some misconceptions surrounding the technology.

Interestingly, the survey respondents were the least enthusiastic about “smart devices and building controls that adjust settings based on water, power and other resources”. Just 27% said that that specific sustainability solution would have a positive impact on their daily life, and only 21 percent said it would have a positive impact on their local community. As more smart home products saturate the market, it will be interesting to see how much demand there is for these products to be included in new home construction.

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