The Easiest Way to Replace an Ugly Baseboard Heater

Revamping the baseboard heater can make a huge improvement.

dirty baseboard

Image Credits:Family Handyman

Got old, rusty “hydronic” (hot water heat) baseboards? You could replace them in their entirety, but that’s expensive and time consuming. You could also sand and paint them, but that’s a lot of work.

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The easiest option is to replace just the front covers and end caps with aftermarket ones made of plastic or metal, which are available at home centers and online. sells several styles of replacement covers, called “baseboarders,” for about $16 to $27 per foot. End caps cost about $16 to $28 apiece. The company’s website has easy-to-follow installation videos.

Plus: Learn how to cope baseboard trim with a miter saw.

clean baseboard

Image Credits:Family Handyman