The Most Trusted Cleaning Products in America

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Big-name brands like Clorox and Tide get a lot of fanfare, but do they live up to their names?

In March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic transformed from a distant overseas threat to a life-altering reality, people throughout the United States began buying cleaning products with unprecedented urgency.

Stores couldn’t stock them fast enough as people became desperate to ensure every surface they came into contact with was free of germs. But which cleaning products do people trust the most to keep their homes clean, and themselves and their loved ones safe?

Reader’s Digest teamed up with the research firm Ipsos Connect to conduct a survey to determine the most trusted brands in America. From cars to credit cards to, yes, cleaners, 3,500 of our readers revealed which household names they trust the most.

Our survey evaluated three categories of cleaning products: disinfecting wipes, household cleaners and laundry detergent. In addition, find out the cleaning products that have been proven to kill coronavirus.

The results might not come as too much of a surprise: Clorox took the top spot for disinfectant wipes. Clorox “is durable, effective, [and] it kills germs,” as one survey respondent explained. Another respondent added, “I am an absolute clean freak and Clorox goes a long way.” Here’s exactly why Clorox is so good at killing germs.

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Lysol, meanwhile, was the favorite household cleaner. “What’s not to love about Lysol? The very best disinfectant around!” one recipient raved. “When I use my Lysol, I KNOW I am safe and protected from nasty germs in my home.” “I…love that the products work like they say they do,” added another. Plus, clean these little things everyone forgets to clean (but really shouldn’t).

Finally, when it came to laundry detergents, Tide was the champion among Reader’s Digest readers. As the world’s best-selling detergent brand, it has scores of loyal customers. Among them is one of our survey recipients, who said, “[I] have tried others, but always go back to Tide. I think it cleans better.” Another commented on how Tide Free and Gentle doesn’t irritate his skin.

So according to the survey, these big-time brands do indeed live up to their names and promises. They’ll keep your home, clothes and belongings squeaky clean. Next, find out these mistakes you keep making when cleaning with bleach.


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