This is the Best Day to Buy Your Christmas Tree

Go against the flow and shop at this time for your Christmas tree.

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It might not shock anyone that you should seek out off-peak hours to purchase a Christmas tree, but based on data from previous years it might surprise you when the best time is to buy a Christmas tree.

Buy a Christmas Tree During the Week

While everyone is out buying presents or trees on the weekend, be a lone wolf and go during the week. But don’t wait too long. You might be able to get a deal a week before Christmas day but the selection might be slim pickings.

Instead, plan on going early, like the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The second Tuesday following Thanksgiving is a good pick, too, though it appears just slightly busier than the earlier Monday.

Business drops off significantly, according to Square, after the second weekend of December and that the third Thursday had the fewest number of trees sold besides the week of Christmas day. If you’re getting a Christmas tree early, you better know how to keep it from dying before Christmas.

Or you could get creative this Christmas and DIY your tree. Watch this video to see how easy it is: