Best Time to Aerate Lawn

Curious if spring is really the best time to aerate lawn? We took a closer look at which season is actually the best time to aerate.

Alan Kidd/Shutterstock

When it comes to the best time to aerate lawn, most people think it’s spring. The grass is blooming, and you want to make sure your soil is getting enough water and nutrients. Although spring is a fine time to aerate, the best time to aerate lawn is actually in the fall.

Yep, that’s right. The fall is a great time to get the lawn ready for the following spring and summer season for two reasons. The first reason fall is the best time to aerate lawn has to do with how often you are using your lawn. During the summer season, you’ll find your kids (or even yourselves) out on the lawn more and more. Frequently running and jumping on the soil will compact it, making it difficult to absorb air, water, and nutrients. Not aerating in the fall would keep the lawn compact, leaving the soil without any room to grow healthy grass the following spring.

The second reason has to do with weeds. The fall will help with killing off those weed seeds in the future. Once you aerate the lawn in the fall, you can apply weed killers so the open holes are protected from weeds. This will help with the number of weeds growing in the springtime.

Although aerating your lawn in the spring certainly isn’t wrong, it would have to take a close second compared to aerating in the fall. If you aerate in the spring, you could potentially kick up weed seeds, which can cause unnecessary weed grown around your lawn.

In general, knowing when to aerate lawn is important for your yard’s health and appearance. It will help to improve air-to-soil interaction, allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil. It will reduce soil compaction and opens up space for grass to grow in the future. Along with aerating the soil, here’s a full list on how to achieve a healthy lawn.

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