This Is The Right Time to Replace Your Toilet

Not sure if it's time to replace the john? These signs will help you decipher if it's time to finally replace the toilet.


Theres no denying that your toilets are a vital part of the house. We need toilets to properly, well, you know. So having a functional toilet is absolutely imperative. However, toilets dont actually last forever. Theres a lot that can go wrong with a toilet, and if you miss one of these signs, you may find yourself with a non-functioning toilet after all.

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First, check for any cracks. Puddles of water dont miraculously happen. If youre noticing water build up around your toilet, check to see where its leaking. If its coming from a crack in the toilet, you are in need of repair. If youre noticing water, heres how to repair a leaking toilet.

Next, your toilet should not be a rocking chair. If it wobbles or rocks around, you need to consider replacing it. However, if its just the toilet seat that wobbles, you can easily tighten the toilet seat for an easy fix. But if the whole thing moves when you sit down, it may be time to let it go.

Lastly, consider the age of your toilet. Do you know how old your toilet is? Although some plumbers would say a toilet could last up to 50 years, a federal law actually states that any toilets built before 1994 that holds more than 1.6 gallons per flush must get replaced.

So there you have it. If your toilet has cracks that are impossible to repair, if it wobbles like crazy, or if its a toilet thats older than you, it may be time to swap out the john. Heres how to replace a toilet.