The New Tineco Pure One Station Self Cleans the Entire Machine (Really!)

The Tineco Pure One Station is my new favorite vacuum cleaner—here’s why.

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As someone with long, thick hair and a large German Shepherd, I’m perpetually cleaning hair and fur from my floors and furniture. I’m also constantly tangling (and sometimes breaking beyond use) vacuum cleaners. So, when I finally got my hands on the new Tineco Pure One Station with ZeroTangle and FurFree technology, I was stoked to say the least.

I’ve always wanted a slender, cordless stick vacuum cleaner, but unfortunately, most vacuums have failed to clean up all the hair and fur that ends up around my house. That said, I was excited to try out the Tineco Pure One Station, but I was also a little nervous. Would the smart stick vacuum be able to handle all my hairy messes? Here’s how it’s going so far.

What is the Tineco Pure One Station?

Cleaning wooden floor with vacuum cleanerMary Henn/Family Handyman

The Tineco Pure One Station is a smart vacuum cleaning hub with a cordless stick vacuum and docking station that self-cleans, charges and stores the vacuum. It works on all floor types, from vacuuming laminate and wood to tile and carpet. And it even auto-detects how much suction is needed based on the mess at hand.

The Pure One Station comes with accessories like a small brush head for handheld use on furniture and a long, hard hose for cleaning crevices, baseboards and in between couch cushions. The smart hub stores your vacuum and accessories, so you can tuck it all away in a closet or pantry (if there’s a outlet within reach). The Pure One Station even comes with a FurFree Kit for pet grooming, so you can brush and vacuum your dog to reduce shedding. (My dog Henry hates vacuums, so he would not let me near him with this device. However, if you have a cooperative doggo, I think this accessory kit is genius, making this is a solid vacuum for pet owners.)


We Tried It

Tineco Pure One Station

The all-new Tineco Pure One Station is the first Tineco vacuum with a smart docking hub.

Tineco Pure One Station Features

Attachments for Vacuum CleanerMary Henn/Family Handyman

There are several impressive features associated with the Tineco Pure One Station. Perhaps the most impressive is the automatic self-cleaning feature on the docking hub. Once you return the vacuum to the hub, it automatically empties the vacuum into a large, 3-liter dustbin. Not only does it empty the vacuum hands-free, but it also cleans every part of the vacuum from brush to tube and filters! This process takes seconds, so you can empty your vacuum and move onto cleaning the next room if needed.

As mentioned, the cordless stick vacuum can be used as a standard push vacuum or a handheld vacuum. In other words, you can use both brush heads with and without the middle tube, depending on how close you need to get to the mess for cleaning. The larger brush head is designed with ZeroTangle technology to trap hair without wrapping it. This is a must-have feature for people with a lot of hair or fur around the house.

The Tineco Pure One Station also has smart sensors that detect dust and dirt to deliver the suction power needed and improve cleaning efficiency. And the five-stage high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter captures 99.99% of dust particles for healthier air.

Finally, the FurFree Kit (that my dog respectfully declined to let me use on him) includes a hose and brush head designed to gently detangle and smooth your pet’s hair while vacuuming up the fur that’s collected from their coat. If you’re someone who grooms your dog at home, this may be a major selling point for you. Truthfully, I fell in love with the rest of the vacuum and found that the FurFree Kit was a feature I didn’t need. If your pup is cooperative, this kit could change how often you need to vacuum in general.

How We Tested It

Cleaning couch with vacuum cleanerMary Henn/Family Handyman

I’ve been using the new Tineco Pure One Station around my own house on multiple floor types and surfaces for a few weeks. I did not expect to be so impressed with the self-cleaning feature, but it’s incredible. The filter and dust can that are built into the vacuum are small, which helps the vacuum keep its lightweight, slender size. I love that I can stop at the hub for quick, hands-free emptying and cleaning in between jobs. Plus, I’ve been using the vacuum almost daily for weeks, and I haven’t had to empty the larger dustbin on the docking station yet.

I have wood floors, tile and a bit of laminate throughout my home. The only carpet I have is in the form of low-pile rugs. While I admit this helps me keep hair at bay (because hair doesn’t get embedded like it would in high-pile carpet), I still find tons of hair clumped on my floors and furniture. So far, I’ve not had any issues with the no-tangle brush head. It has done an excellent job picking up hair, fur, dirt and dust without any clogging issues. For me, that’s been a dream come true.

I use my Tineco Pure One primarily to keep my floors clean. However, I love switching to the handheld mode and using the smaller brush head to vacuum my couch and other furniture about once a week. It does wonders for keeping my couch looking fresh.

If you’re in search of a vacuum for an apartment or other kind of shared living space, the Tineco Pure One Station is quieter than almost every other vacuum cleaner I’ve used. Plus, its compact size and slender body are ideal if you don’t have a ton of extra storage space.

My only issues with the Tineco Pure One Station so far have been that occasionally longer hairs will get closed in the lid of the vacuum dust can and that I’d like the suction to be a little bit more powerful when I’m using the hard extension hose. Every once in a while, a long hair will get closed in the dust can’s lid (near the handle, where the filter is housed) after self-cleaning mode occurs. When the vacuum self cleans on the docking station, the debris that’s been vacuumed up is sucked out of the dust can near the handle and dumped into the large dustbin. This process sometimes leaves behind a hair or two. This isn’t a huge issue, as I can pull the hair out with my fingers and go about cleaning, but it’s worth mentioning. The other issue is a small quibble, too.

When the vacuum detects messes and adjusts its suction to clean the mess, the ring on the handle turns from red to blue (blue signals that the mess is clean). On the whole, I absolutely love this feature and find that it’s pretty accurate. However, when using the hard hose extension to get into corners of the room, I find that the suction sensors tend to be a little weaker. While the suction is typically still powerful enough to do the job, I wish there were a high-suction manual mode you could press when needed.


  • Smart hub docking station cleans, charges and houses vacuum
  • Cordless and weighs just 5.3 pounds
  • Quiet and slender
  • Self-cleaning feature is quick and effective
  • Smart sensors deliver tailored, precise suction power
  • iLoop on vacuum handle turns from red to blue to indicate messes are clean
  • Large brush head has ZeroTangle technology
  • Can be used as handheld or push device
  • Attachments included
  • Comes with FurFree Kit for pet grooming
  • Useful for homes with a lot of hair and fur


  • Expensive
  • Self-cleaning mode occasionally leaves behind (trace amounts of) hair and debris


Cleaning carpet with vacuum cleanerMary Henn/Family Handyman

Can I use a Tineco on hardwood floors?

Yes! Tineco’s smart sensors can detect messes on virtually any floor type, including carpet, tile, wood, laminate, linoleum and more.

Which Tineco is best for hair?

The Pure One Station FurFree (reviewed here) and the Pure One S15 are the best for sucking up hair, as they both have anti-tangle brush heads, headlights and powerful suction. Plus, both work on hard floors and carpet.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Since the Tineco Pure One Station just launched, there are only a few Amazon reviews published. Here’s an early look at what buyers are saying about the new smart stick vacuum.

PainterSam gives it five stars and writes, “Can you actually fangirl over a vacuum? Yes! This thing solves so many issues with the stick vacuums. It’s super lightweight, light beyond. Super suction. And other than the talking part, which I love… The self-cleaning container! I haven’t changed our cleaning station in a month. I used to have to dump the Dyson and make a mess every time I used it. This option saves time and you have a clean canister every time you go to grab it. Bonus: the pet cleaner. Love, love, love! Thank you, Tineco, for the amazing vacuum.”

“Oh my goodness! This is an awesome cordless vacuum,” says Bear hugger, another five-star reviewer “It has good suction power, cleans the dog hair excellently! It has a pet attachment that brushes the dog and automatically cleans the brushes when put back on the base unit. Deodorizing filter keeps it fresh and smelling good. Highly recommended!”

Product Comparison

Vacuum Cleaner on Charging DockMary Henn/Family Handyman

The Tineco Pure One Station is the only vacuum in the Tineco lineup with a smart hub docking station. This feature offers easy charging, cleaning and storing. While other cordless Tineco vacuums are lightweight, have smart suction technology and can handle hair, none have the auto-empty and self-cleaning features that this new one does.

Final Verdict

Honestly, I’m in love with the Tineco Pure One Station. It makes vacuuming easy, fun and worry-free. In fact, I vacuum way more often because there’s no cord to plugin or wind, the vacuum is lightweight and easy to push, I don’t have to handle gross dust and debris and the smart features (including voice prompts) haven’t lost their novelty yet. My only hang up with this vacuum is the price point. It’s very expensive and probably not a realistic purchase if you’re on a budget. However, if you have the funds to splurge on a new, smart vacuum cleaner, you should definitely check out the Tineco Pure One Station.

Where to Buy the Tineco Pure One Station


We Tried It

Tineco Pure One Station

The Tineco Pure One Station has smart docking hub that self-cleans, charges and stores the vacuum cleaner so you don't have to.

You can shop (and compare all Tineco vacuum models), including the Pure One Station that retails for $800, on Amazon and directly from Tineco.

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