Tips for Keeping Cats Out of Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be dangerously tempting for cats. This year, outsmart your feline friend with these tips for keeping cats out of your Christmas tree.

How to Keep Your Cat Away From the Christmas Tree

Does your cat love to paw at your favorite glass ornaments? Or hop onto the tree when no one is looking? Cats and Christmas trees can be a seriously dangerous combination this holiday season. But since Christmas trees are an essential piece of holiday decoration for your home, what can you do to keep your tree upright and your kitty safe?

Follow these tips for keeping cats out of your Christmas tree, and you can resign from the full-time job of Christmas tree security guard. Plus, be sure to learn these important tips for keeping your pets safe this winter.

Guard the Base

If your cat can’t get enough of the tree and the presents underneath, invest in a Christmas tree pet fence or gate, like this one from Primetime Petz 360.

In addition, most cats hate aluminum foil because of its noise and feel underneath their paws. So wrap the base and trunk of your tree in foil to keep kitty away.

Use Smells to Keep the Cat Away

Cats hate citrus scents, so another trick to prevent your cat from climbing the tree is to make a DIY cat repellent. Peel some oranges or lemons, put the rinds in an old sock, tie it shut and place it near the tree base. Or tuck it inside the tree in a hidden spot.

If this doesn’t deter the cats, consider adding a few drops of citrus essential oils like citronella, orange or lemongrass to a squirt bottle filled with water. Spray the tree to keep your furry friend away. Plus, check out these ten DIY ways to keep a cat off the kitchen countertops.

Remove Attractive Décor

Make your Christmas tree as uninticing to your cat as possible. Stop decorating your Christmas tree a few feet from the bottom, keeping the lower branches free of any lights, tinsel or shiny fragile ornaments that could catch your cat’s eye.

Instead, wrap the Christmas lights or tinsel around the branches of the tree and secure them with clear tape, making sure they aren’t hanging for your cat to play with. Avoid decorations that break easily, rattle or make noise when touched. This can remind your cat of a toy and entice it to keep coming back.

Secure the Tree

Cats love jumping on Christmas trees, so set up your tree so that it won’t easily tip over. Securing it to a wall with some clear fishing wire near the top can help keep it upright.

Two or three lengths of fishing line can keep climbing cats or rambunctious kids from tipping your tree. Just tie one end of each line to the top of the tree and the other to something sturdy — a screw driven into an inconspicuous spot on the wall, moldings above windows or doors, or even a curtain rod.

Also, move any furniture around the tree that your cat could use as a jumping point to reach higher parts of the tree.

Consider Different Tree Types

No doubt, a real Christmas tree is beautiful. But unfortunately, pine needles are dangerous for cats who chew on them. If ingested they can cause serious health problems —  pain, excessive drooling and vomiting.

If you do decide to go with a real tree, make sure to cover the water bowl with a tree skirt. Place heavier presents on top of the skirt so that your cat isn’t tempted to drink the water. That water can be poisonous from the chemical preservatives used to treat real trees. The DIY cat repellent or aluminum foil hacks mentioned above will also deter your feline friend.

An artificial tree eliminates those dangers. There are many realistic looking artificial Christmas trees on the market that will work just fine. Plus, you can use it for years to come.

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