This Toilet Paper Storage Hack Is Genius in Small Bathrooms

A little strange? Maybe. Game-changing? Definitely.

About 36 percent of Americans these days rent apartments instead of owning houses, according to the Pew Research Center. And for many urban-dwelling renters, living in a small apartment means finding creative bathroom storage ideas.

Recently, TikToker Birdie Wood (@thriftyweenqueen) posted her hack for storing toilet paper in teeny-tiny bathrooms, and we’re all about it.

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How to Store Toilet Paper

In the video, Wood uses a narrow, hooked towel rack. She anchors it into the wall, then places one roll of toilet paper on each hook. She says that the one rack can carry an entire package of toilet paper.

Form vs. Function

While this solution may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a pack of extra toilet paper stashed behind a cupboard, Wood doesn’t mind. “[I]t looks weird,” she says, “but the rest of my house looks weird, so I mean it’s not a big deal.”

Her viewers seem to agree. One commenter called it “usable art,” while another claimed, “Living in small spaces means function often takes precedence over form.”

Other Thrifty Storage Solutions

If this toilet paper hack is not your thing, rest assured there are numerous other ways to maximize storage space in a small bathroom.

You can also always reorganize a linen closet to make space for unsightly items, like toilet paper. Or try clearing out any jewelry cluttering your bathroom with clever display ideas. You’ll have a sparkling, space-efficient bathroom in no time.

Correct Way to Hang Toilet Paper

toilet-paper-patentSeth Wheeler

Countless households have had this debate: which way do you hang toilet paper? An 1891 patent by New York businessman Seth Wheeler, pictured above, indicates OVER. Family Handyman polled users, with 84 percent of respondents preferring this method.

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