3 Great Spray Foam Insulations to Consider

Not sure which spray foam to choose from? These have been reviewed as the top spray foams that will give you the most bang for your buck!

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If you haven’t considered spray foam insulation, now may be the time to start looking into it. As you know, having proper insulation will help reduce your heat and air conditioning bills. In specific, spray foam insulation can be particularly helpful during renovations. It can provide a barrier between outside walls, and even a sound barrier for the inside.

So yes, spray foam is versatile and handy to have, but which one is recommended to be the top spray foam? According to Best Consumer Reviews, there are three different spray foam insulation sprays to consider grabbing for your next project.

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Foam it Green

This kit can cover a 202 to 602 square foot area. This foam is easy to use and very quick to dry. These foam kits can cover up to a 1-in.-thick density. It’s even a closed cell foam and has anti-mold ingredients, making it a longer-lasting product. It has a fire rating of Class I E-84, which means it will meet all building code requirements.

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Handi Foam

This 16-pound insulation kit can cover more than 8,000 ft. The foam expands by a 2:1 ratio, making sure those areas are completely covered and allowing no air to escape. The foam will settle after 10 minutes and will be cured in 24 hours. After it is cured, it can be painted. This insulation can bond with wood, metal, concrete, brick and plastic.

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Touch ‘n Seal Foam Kit

If you’re looking for something that has lots of expansion, this insulation spray is for you. It can expand up to 30 times and is also a closed cell foam. It covers 200 sq. ft. at least 1-in. thick. It is also a fire retardant, is compatible with other fiber insulation systems, and will meet all building codes.

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