You Need to Try This Genius Pool Noodle Hack

You'll wonder why you haven't thought of this before!

drawer organizer moves around inside the drawer

I have always hated the way drawer organizers move around when you open and close a drawer. I solved the problem at my house with one of the most unique pool noodle hacks ever.

I measured the distance from the back of the drawer organizer to the back of the drawer and used a utility knife to cut the noodle to size. The pool noodle fits snuggly in place, so the drawer organizer doesn’t move around anymore. You could also cut the pool noodle in half lengthwise to reduce the amount of space that it takes up. — Roy Allison

Have you ever thought about using a pool noodle on a hanger?

pool noodle inside drawerFamily Handyman

Watch this video for more brilliant ways to use pool noodles around your home:

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