Wall Repair That Works

Fix your walls with Zinsser's aerosol wall texture.

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Wall Repair That Works

If you have wall texture that needs repair, check out Zinssers four aerosol textures: light and heavy knockdown textures and fine and medium orange peel. Each type costs less than $10 per can, and covers 30 to 110 sq. ft. (Homax Products also makes knockdown texture sprays, but we havent tried them yet.)

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Testing is everything with this stuffset up a half sheet of drywall or a piece of cardboard and experiment with the spraying distance to get the best match with your wall.

The spray has a strong odor, so only use it when you can open the windows and vacate the room for a while. Its incredibly messyuse lots of painters plastic on surrounding floors and ceilings. And be sure to shake the can every few seconds of spraying or the nozzle will plug.

To locate a retailer near you, visit rustoleum.com.