Want Better Sleep? Check Out IKEA’s Nationwide After Dark Sleep Festival

Head to IKEA this weekend and learn how to take back control of your sleep.

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Many IKEA locations across the country are hosting a free After Dark Sleep Festival on Saturday, February 22nd, that will feature a variety of sleep-related activities and workshops. So if you’re a fan of sleeping well, sleeping in and sleeping soundly, you’re going to want to head to the nearest IKEA Sleep Festival this weekend.

The After Dark Sleep Festival is part of IKEA’s Save Our Sleep initiative, through which the company hopes to educate people on the ways they can change their living space to make a positive impact on their sleeping habits. Here are some of the sleep-themed workshops and games that will be a part of the festival:

(Some of these activities may not be available at every location. Check the webpage for your local IKEA store to find out which specific workshops and games will be taking place in your area.)

Dress the Bed Workshop

Getting a good night’s sleep can be the difference between a productive day and one spent staring sleepily at a wall. The Dress Your Bed workshop at IKEA’s Sleep Festival will address how you can transform your beds and the space around them into a peaceful environment that allows you to slip right into the deepest REM sleep cycles.

Dress the Bed Competition

After you learn how to dress your bed, put that knowledge to the test as you race other contestants to see who can tidy up a messy area first. The winner gets a mystery prize, which we’re guessing will be something from IKEA.

Smarter Homes for Smarter Sleep

The environment you sleep in greatly impacts the quality of the sleep you get. The Smarter Homes for Smarter Sleep workshop will go into the many ways that smart home systems can be used to gain more control over the light and sound in your home and allow you to make your surroundings quieter and more tranquil.

Storage That Suits You and Your Closet

It can be hard to sleep well in a messy, unorganized room. The Storage That Suits You and Your Closet workshop will illustrate the many ways that better organization can help declutter your bedroom and how that can lead to a better night of sleep.

Pillow Pairs

Tired of your old, lumpy pillow? During the Pillow Pairs portion of the afternoon, you can speak to an expert about the pillow options that will work best for you based on your personal sleep habits and issues.

More Sleep Festival Details

The After Dark Sleep Festival is free and runs from 3 PM to 6 PM (local time). The schedule and details of each festival varies depending on location. Some IKEA stores may require you to register for certain workshops and activities, so be sure to look up the stores near you to find out which activities are being offered in your area and how to sign up for them.

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