What Is the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System?

Want to monitor who comes to your home whether you’re home or away? “Know before they knock” is what the Arlo smart home security camera system is all about.

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Want to monitor who comes to your home whether you’re home or away? “Know before they knock” is what the Arlo smart home security camera system is all about.

Key Features of the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

Think of Arlo as a video doorbell. The camera-based security monitoring system will notify you when motion is detected. It will also call you when your doorbell is pressed, so you can choose to answer and talk to the person at your door, even when you’re not home, through two-way audio. In addition, the Arlo smart home security system features HD video, night vision, motion detection and gives you a 180-degree viewing angle at your door.

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The Arlo App

The Arlo smart home security camera system allows you to do everything through its app. Not only will you get calls on your smartphone or tablet when someone rings your Arlo doorbell, but you can receive a notification if another family member accepts the call before you so you know the issue has been handled.

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Getting Started with Arlo

Arlo offers wired and wire-free installation, both of which are DIY friendly. Once you have the doorbell, you can choose from a variety of additional cameras to meet your home security needs. The doorbell is weather resistant, and the system works with other home assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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So What’s the Cost?

The Arlo smart home security camera system can be pricey. The Arlo Video Doorbell (which includes a built-in camera) sells for $149.99, and includes everything you need for installation. You can add additional Arlo security cameras, including indoor/outdoor, indoor, mobile and baby monitors. Expect to pay at least $180 per camera, depending on what model you choose.

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Once you have the hardware, you can choose one of several Arlo Smart Plans—a subscription to help customize your Arlo system. Plans, which aren’t required but offer users more options than the basic doorbell, start at $2.99 a month and go up to $14.99 a month. You can learn more about the Arlo Smart Plans on their website.

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The Competition

Competitors of the Arlo system include the Nest Cam, which works in much the same way as Arlo. With Nest, you’ll pay about $229 for the doorbell and then choose an optional month-to-month monitoring service plan. Like Arlo, additional cameras and features are available.

Blink is another option. This wire-free home security and monitoring system starts at about $90 for the video system and additional add-ons are available.

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