What Plants Do Hummingbirds Love Most?

Readers say these nectar-filled flowers are super popular among their tiny winged guests. Find out what plants hummingbirds love most.

HUMMINGBIRDPhoto: Courtesy of Ginny Phillips

Black & Blue Salvia

Hummingbirds love all of the salvias, but Black & Blue is a favorite in our yard. — Ginny Phillips Olathe, Kansas

Trumpet honeysuckle is by far the most favored hummingbird plant in my yard. It blooms all season, produces fruit that other birds enjoy and is native to the United States. — Karen Dennis, Plymouth, Michigan

Almost every time I look at my red canna lilies, there is a hummingbird at them. — Liza Vaughn, Fairfax, Virginia

My king aloe plant blooms four or five times each summer, sending up grand 4-foot stalks covered in bell-shaped flowers. Hummers sit on the branches and feed. — Lorraine Smith, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Large Firecracker Plant

PLANTPhoto: Courtesy of Proven Winners, provenwinners.com

Every year I place a big pot of large firecracker plant (Cuphea ‘Vermillionaire’) on my deck. Hummingbirds are zipping about just inches from me all summer! — Janet Doherty, Scarborough, Maine