What to Know About a Smart Nursery

Smart nursery gadgets like smart cribs, smart monitors and more use the latest tech to make your job as a parent a little easier. 

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Like smoke detectors, dog doors and so many other home devices, nurseries have gone “smart.” Today’s most cutting-edge baby rooms feature high-tech devices that help keep your baby safe and comfortable — and make your life as a new parent a little easier. Here’s how to design your smart nursery. 

What Is a Smart Nursery? 

A smart nursery harnesses the power of the internet, advanced tech and your connected devices to deliver a new level of infant care and monitoring. All kinds of baby-related gadgets with sensors, cameras, built-in WiFi hardware and more can help you create a next-generation nursery. Here are some of the must-have items to include in a smart nursery. 

Smart Bassinets 

Smart bassinet technology detects when a baby is crying and automatically soothes them with motion and calming sounds. One of the most buzzed-about options is the Snoo Smart Sleeper. This modern-looking bassinet promises to help a fussy baby (and you!) sleep an extra one to two hours by knowing when to deploy rocking motions and white noise. Another, less-pricey smart bassinet is the Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology. This one has three motion speeds and three calming sounds. 

Smart Baby Monitors 

In addition to observing your baby from afar, today’s smart baby monitors also let you control the nursery’s temperature, talk to your baby via two-way audio, receive alerts about their whereabouts and more. Many of these monitors also come with custom apps that provide detailed stats about your baby’s sleep. Arguably, the most tricked-out smart baby monitor is the Nanit Plus. It has most of the aforementioned features, along with tracking your baby’s breaths per minute when you pair it with the Nanit Breathing Wear Band. 

Smart Night Lights and Sound Soothers 

Soothing sounds and gentle light can do wonders to help calm a crying baby. It’s easier than ever for baby to enjoy both with today’s high-tech smart sound soothers and smart night lights. What’s more, many models, such as the Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine and Night Light, combine a night light and sound soother in one device. This top-rated sound machine connects with Alexa to let you play a variety of sleep-inducing sounds, set the night light color, talk to your child through an audio monitor and create special sleep training programs. 

Smart Feeders 

Feeding a hungry baby is a lot easier with smart feeders that prepare bottles for you. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro does just that by mixing your desired amount of formula and water, heating it to three temperatures options and dispensing it into your favorite bottle. Breastfeeding mamas also get an assist with cordless, hands-free pumps like the Elvie Pump. It pairs with a compatible app that lets you monitor milk volume, track pumping history and remotely control the pump. 

Smart Changing Pads 

Besides serving as a diaper changing station, smart changing pads like Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale also let you monitor your baby’s weight and measure how much he or she is taking in during every feeding. The wireless smart scale transmits all the data to a compatible app so you can track everything over time. 

Smart Baby Thermometers 

Dreaded rectal thermometers are a thing of the past thanks to the newest crop of high-tech baby temperature takers. They contain chips that let you take a no-touch temperature before transmitting the readings to an app. One well-rated model that does just that is the Comper Smart Medical Forehead Thermometer. It lets you get a clinical-standard body temperature in just one second. 

Amanda Prischak
Amanda Prischak is a freelance writer based in Erie, Pennsylvania.