What to Know About Verizon Security Systems

What to Know About Verizon Security Systems

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Most people are familiar with Verizon’s internet, phone and television services. However, you may not know that they also offer home security products. While Verizon’s home security system (named Canary) may not be the telecommunication giant’s bread and butter, it may be a fine option for those looking for a low-cost home monitoring system. With Verizon security, you can rest easy knowing that you can conveniently monitor your home and loved ones through your smart device.

What Is Verizon’s Security System?

Verizon does not offer a traditional security system. Its Canary products don’t include 24/7 home monitoring and they don’t automatically alert authorities if there is a pending crime and/or emergency situation. However, if you’re looking for a basic home security upgrade, then Verizon’s Canary products could be a good fit for you.

Wondering what makes home security companies worth it? With Verizon security, there are no contractual agreements and installation does not require a down payment. And, once you pay for your Canary product(s), there are no monthly fees or charges. Additionally, you don’t need to have Verizon services to have Canary products work in your home.

Verizon offers two Canary products: the Canary View and the Canary Flex Camera. Both of these products are compatible with Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. (Canary does offer another product, the “Canary Pro”, but it’s not available on Verizon’s website).

If you’re looking for the specifics that set Amazon Alexa vs Google Home apart, then this breakdown will help you decide which system is right for you.

The Canary View

Verizon describes the Canary View as a “hero for your home.” With all of its smart home and security features compacted into a single device, it’s difficult to argue with that.

The Canary View has seven main features:

  1. HD camera with night vision
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Built-in siren
  4. Climate monitor
  5. WiFi-enabled—no hub necessary
  6. Discreet design
  7. Speaker and microphone

Canary View also offers users “intelligent alerts.” This device notifies you if there are people, unfamiliar movements or abnormal climate changes around your home. If you feel like one of these alerts is potentially dangerous, Verizon’s app prepopulates local authorities’ phone numbers for fast contact.

If you’re concerned about data privacy, Verizon offers AES 256-bit data encryption (bank-level encryption). So, you can be assured that your video and audio data is private and secure.

Canary Flex Camera

The weatherproof Flex camera is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This device also gives users the choice to use it wire-free or plugged in. Just like its Canary counterpart, the flex camera has a discreet and sleek design that is ideal for any home. With Canary Flex Camera’s state-of-the-art motion sensor, you can customize motion sensitivity according to your needs.

One of the best features of the Canary Flex Camera is that it’s easy to install. With a 360-degree swivel base, simply stick the base on a flat surface and snap it into place. Once you’ve done that, you can twist your camera in any direction that you want.

Find the best smart home camera for you through this compiled list that covers most residential home security needs.

Buying Canary Products From Verizon

If the View and Flex sound like a fit for your smart home needs, then you might want to consider not buying them from Verizon. Canary products are significantly less expensive on Amazon and they come with free shipping for Prime members.

It’s not clear if Verizon offers free installation on Canary products if you purchase them through their website. However, as mentioned above, both the View and Flex are easy to install.

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