When Is the Best Time To Buy a Car?

It’s probably not the most convenient, but it will get you the best deal.

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This Is the Best Time of the Week to Buy a Car

Buying a new car isn’t a purchase you should take lightly. It’s a big investment, and doing your research can help you be more confident in your decision.

One of the things you should make sure to take into consideration is the day of the week you head to the dealership.

Get the Best Deal Possible

To get the best deal possible, you need to have the salesperson’s full attention. You’ll want to go look at cars when the showroom isn’t crowded.

Since most people have off on the weekend, Saturdays and Sundays tend to be very crowded. That means the middle of the week is the best time to buy a new car. Try to get to the dealership on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

What the Experts Say

“Saturdays are notoriously high-traffic days at dealerships, as many people are off from work,” says Richard Reina, product training director at the aftermarket auto retailer CARiD.com and experienced car salesman.

“Mondays can also be busy and are often referred to as “be back day,” by salespeople, meaning shoppers who browsed on the weekends might plan to return and make a purchase at the start of the week.” Cavan Images/Getty Images16 Cleaning Secrets Only Car Detailers Know

Other Timing Considerations

Reina also recommends buying at the end of the month, and, if possible, the end of the year. Dealers have quotas to meet and can be anxious if they haven’t made them—meaning that the chances of you getting a good deal are much higher. “And, if you’re willing to buy a new ‘leftover’ from the previous model-year, there can be big money savings,” Reina adds.

Driving behind the wheel of a new car feels good, but knowing you got a great deal on it feels even better. If you’re on a budget and don’t know where to start, read up on these 34 car buying tips your dealer won’t tell you.

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