5 Eye-Catching Window Painting Ideas

Whether you like going big or prefer something more modest, these paint tips will give your windows a little extra character.

Painting your windows might not be the first project you think of when planning your next home remodel. However, giving your windows a fresh new look doesn’t take much work or cash, and a little goes a long way. Here are five ideas you should consider for painting your home’s windows.

living room with white walls and arched windowsThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Pick a White That Pops

White paint is timeless. A bright white will pair perfectly with most non-white walls, including grays or a bold color.

One important factor when picking white paint is the sheen. With windows and trim, better to go with a satin or semi-gloss. An expert at your local paint store can help you narrow the choices.

Colorful Green Window frame on exterior of houseChanon Tamtad/Getty Images

Add a Splash of Color

Bold isn’t for everyone, but for the daring, a vibrant pop of color can add a tremendous focal point to your home. Bright green or orange will make your home stand out. Whether that’s good or bad is up to the beholder.

Make sure whatever window color you choose matches the interior and exterior walls. If you already have a bold wall color, you might want to go with something more neutral for your windows. Or paint the walls a neutral color to better complement your window choice.

moody living room with dark blue wallsnicolamargaret/Getty Images

Choose Something Moody

Adding color doesn’t have to mean bright or vibrant. A moody color like a dark green is inviting and gives your home a modern, bold look. If you do go this route, consider extending it beyond the windows and painting an entire accent wall that moody color.

Modern Mid Century Living Room Interior In Pastel Colorsimaginima/Getty Images

Color Match With Your Home’s Décor

If you love that old arm chair, bold colored cabinets or a piece of artwork in your living room, draw that color out and add it to your windows.

The nice thing about this is, you don’t already have to have a bold color in your home. If you purchase the paint color you want for your windows, use extra paint on a dresser, coffee table or something else to tie it back to your windows.

Turquoise window trim paintOwaki/Kulla/Getty Images

Bring the Outdoors In

Is your home next to the ocean or a lake? Try a nice blue. If you live in the mountains or a heavily wooded area, consider a rich green color. Matching your window paint to the region will remind you every day why you love living there.

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