Worx Launches New Line of Precision Power Tools For Crafters and DIYers

Worx's new line of precision power tools is designed with versatility and creativity in mind.

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Worx today unveiled its new MakerX precision power tool line that revolves around a 20V Power Hub battery that powers five compact tools, including an air brush, angle grinder, mini heat gun, wood and metal crafter and rotary tool, for unlimited possibilities for creativity.

North Carolina-based tool manufacturer Worx recently launched a new line of MakerX precision power tools targeted at makers, crafters and everyday DIYers.

Designed to be portable and versatile, the Maker X line revolves around a 20V power hub that allows it to go anywhere. Five compact tools plug into the battery pack for various uses. They include a rotary tool, angle grinder, mini heat gun, wood and metal crafter and an air brush.

Built With Intention

None of the tools feature a battery, an intentional design decision that makes them perfectly balanced, more compact and lighter weight than conventional power tools. No attached battery also means less vibration, and the brushless motors mean less heat and friction. Each tool connects to the power hub through a four-foot power cord.

“The hub allows the tools to go wherever you go,” says Lauren Gomez, director of marketing at Positec, the company that manufactures Worx tools. “And the micro-ergonomic design ensures they are comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver.”

The timing of the launch was also a carefully considered strategy.

“We’re thrilled to be debuting the MakerX line to the making community during these uncertain times, hoping it helps inspire and multiply their creativity now more than ever before,” Gomez says. “We’ll be watching closely to see what users make with the products and have some fun opportunities in our toolbox that will engage makers, crafters and DIYers in the coming months.”

The Tools and Their Uses

  • MakerX Air Brush: A dual function trigger control separates air and paint flow for optimal results. It also includes a dropper, spanner wrench and cleaning brush. It’s ideal for painting jobs, including models, murals, signage, makeup and other crafts.
  • MakerX Angle Grinder: This includes cutoff, grinding and sanding wheels and an adapter. The brushless tool is ideal for cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing and carving.
  • MakerX Rotary Tool: One of the most versatile tools in the MakerX system, the rotary tool features a narrow pencil-like grip for handling projects with precision. It’s ideal for cutting, drilling, detail sanding, polishing, engraving, etching and more. With its included 1/8-in. collet, the rotary tool also accepts other major brand accessories with 1/8-in. shanks.
  • MakerX Mini Heat Gun: The only compact portable 20V gun on the market, the mini heat gun heats up in seconds and keeps a constant temperature of 500 degrees F. The tool also comes with a built-in stand that helps prevent burns on work surfaces. The tool is ideal for removing old paint from furniture and other wood surfaces, facilitating the drying process of wet paint, removing adhesive-backed wallpaper, applying shrink wrap, thawing frozen pipes and softening glue.
  • MakerX Wood and Metal Crafter: The wood and metal crafter features dual temperature sensors and a built-in digital reader, which ensures the tip’s temperature is set for optimal results. Typical applications include electronic DIY projects and arts and crafts, including woodworking, leather work, jewelry-making and metal-crafting. The tool comes with six wood-burning and four soldering tips, a silicon comfort sleeve for users who prefer a thicker grip, and a cradle stand. The tool also accepts other major manufacturers’ tips.

The MakerX line is available for pre-order now.  Look for it in retailers, including Amazon and Lowe’s, beginning in November 2020.

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