Your Christmas Tree Could Be Crawling With Bugs – Here’s How To Avoid Them

Your Christmas tree could be crawling with bugs – up to 25,000 insects to be exact! Here are our tips on how to avoid these creepy crawlers this holiday!

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That’s right, your Christmas tree could be crawling with bugs—up to 25,000 insects to be exact. What else do you expect from bringing a live tree into your home? Your tree may smell good, and look beautiful in your family room, but it certainly looks good to a few creepy-crawlers as well.

The pine tree, or the “fir,” is known for being a place where bugs can hibernate during the winter. But when they are brought into a warm environment, well, they may just want to find a new place to hibernate in your home. Although these types of bugs can be completely harmless, 25,000 is still a large number of bugs in your home. And we can almost guarantee that’s not the Christmas present you wanted this year.

These critters can vary in different size and species. Some of the most popular tree critters include aphids, adelgids, scale insects, bark beetles, praying mantis egg masses, mites, scale insects, and spiders. Oh, and not to scare your or anything, but did you know that the fir is actually the original home of the tarantula?

Now don’t freak out quite yet, there are actually a few ways that you can control this bug infestation in your house. And yes, even after having your Christmas tree for a couple weeks now.

Some have also tried spraying their tree with soap and water—which can suffocate the insects.

Want to avoid creepy crawlers in the future? Beat them at their own game by getting the house prepared before these bugs settle in. Here’s how to get rid of pests with a few easy projects, as well as strategies for do-it-yourself pest control (both in and outside).

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