Carol J. Alexander

Carol J. Alexander is a Virginia writer specializing in sustainable/green living, home remodeling, and lifestyle topics. Since 2007, her work has appeared in Grit, AcreageLife, Hobby Farms, and over 70 other national, regional, and local print publications, as well as online. Carol helps clients position themselves as an authority in the marketplace by providing easy-to-understand, educational content that attracts readers, answers their questions, and meets their needs.

10 Things to Do to Your House Before a Graduation Party

When your child reaches any milestone, it's a big day. But graduating from high school or college calls for a real celebration. If you want to host a big bash in honor of their accomplishments, make sure you and your home are ready. You want your guests to remember this graduation party for the fun they had, not that broken screen or stinky trash can.
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