Mary Carlomagno writes about organization, living with less and losing clutter. Her belief is that when you get your life free of what is holding you back, you are free to live the life you imagine. (Hat's off to Thoreau) She has written four books on the topic, three with major houses and one audible book. And just for writing fun, she published her first novel last year drawing upon her years of experience as a professional organizer and publicist. Her articles have been featured in the Washington Post, Woman's World, Body & Soul, and Pink to mention a few. She is a nationally recognized organizing expert and public speaker with extensive television experience including appearances on Oprah, the Today Show, NPR and CBS News.
Woman organizing clothes from a small closet

How to Organize a Small Closet to Maximize Space

Small closets can contain plenty when you employ these expert clutter-cutting tips and clever storage systems.