Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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2 Ways to Destink Your Truck Cab

The two most common odors in a truck cab are tobacco smoke and that gym-socks “aroma” coming from your A/C...

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5 Best Jumper Cables to Add to Your Car

You get what you pay for with jumper cables, so it's worth spending a little extra for a good set.

5 Car Brands with the Most Recalls—and 6 with the Fewest

This exclusive data from breaks down the biggest offenders. Did your car's manufacturer top the list?

You Can Polish Your Car With This Common Hair Product

Hair conditioner works just as well as car polish on your car. Here's the lowdown on why it works and...

How to Remove a Stuck Screw

We show you some ways to remove a stuck Phillips head screw.

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10 Traffic Rules Everyone Forgets

Even experienced drivers make mistakes. Operating a vehicle takes concentration and skill, and sometimes you end up doing something wrong,...

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Why Do Mice Chew Through Electrical Wires?

A ruined car electrical system is a massive headache.

Could You Pass the Driver’s Test Again? Find Out.

We created questions based on real motor vehicle department practice tests.

11 Scary Driving Scenarios and Exactly How to Handle Them

Often when driving, we encounter situations that are out of our control. Make the right decisions when in a tight...

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Replace a Leaking Oil Pressure Switch Yourself with a Special Socket

Fix a leaking oil pressure switch with this one tool.

How to Remove a Locking Lug Nut Without the Key

Solve the problem of a lost key to your locking lug nuts.

Window Regulator Clip Repair Tip

Don't forget to check the clips!

What Happens to the Data Your Car Collects?

What happens to the data your car collects? Find out what automakers are doing with the data your car collects.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Several factors come into play.

Changing a Car Serpentine Belt

With the right tools, changing a drive belt is easier than you think!

Fix a Leaking Tire Valve Stem in 5 Minutes

Five minutes is all the time you need for this quick, easy valve stem fix.

Crazy Cars Celebs Have Sold at Auction and Unbelievable Prices They Got

Whether you love fine automobiles or enjoy laughing at celebrity culture, this is sure to be a fun ride!

10 Dumbest Giveaways Car Dealers Use

How long could you stand with a hand on a car?

10 Truck Accessories That Make Work Easier

Keep your stuff secure in your pickup truck bed with some of these truck accessories.

This Trick Will Get You a Better Price on Your Trade-In

This trick can keep some cash in your pocket.

What is a Valet Key and Why You Should Worry About It

A valet key can be more of a hassle than a convenience.

7 Ugliest Cars Owned By Celebrities

Camo, rust and leopard are just some of the paint jobs and vinyl wraps that make these celebrity cars absolutely...

Automotive Accessories, Tips and Tools You Need to Know About

Expert advice on repair, maintenance and gear.

Which Famous Movie Cars Would You Want to Drive?

When movies make cars the stars, you can bet fans will daydream about getting behind the wheel. One of these...

10 of the Most Annoying Car Bumper Stickers

Car bumper stickers tell you a lot about the driver in front of you. They can be political, funny and...