Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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New Winter ‘Flash Freeze’ Is Coming – Here’s How To Prep Your Car & Home

With snow on the way and temps dropping, it's a good idea to brush up on winter basics.

6 Critical Places to Lubricate Your Car Before Winter

When cold weather is right around the corner, that's the time to get your car ready for winter driving: lube...

Reader Project: Backseat Drivers Wanted

Greg Gerwitz runs an old-fashioned, family-owned auto repair shop. And here’s one of his family projects. With help from his

Reader Project: Cabin on Wheels

Ever since high school, Adam Fisher dreamed of turning a school bus into a “hunting and fishing cabin.” And here’s his masterpiece.

10 Best Practices for Cold Weather and Winter Driving

When cold weather approaches, prepare yourself for cold weather and winter driving with some of these tips.

Truck Bed Reach Stick

Loading and unloading your truck can be time-consuming and tiresome, especially when you have to climb in and out of

How to Fix a Twisted Key

Clamp the key in a vise with the twisted end pointing up. Then use pliers to carefully twist the key...

14 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Vehicle safety is important during winter weather conditions, especially if you have to drive on icy or snowy road. Here's...

Must-Know Garage Storage Tips for Weekend Mechanics

Whether your garage could be confused with a Nascar trailer or you just like to change your brakes, these tips...

Breaker Bar for Every Car

Add a length of pipe to turn a short lug wrench into a longer lug wrench and loosen over-tightened lug...

Create Your Own Emergency Car Kit

Having an emergency kit in your car is smart. Even in mild weather, you can get stranded or stuck, and...

Learn how to fix an automotive dent from 3M and Chip Foose

Chip Foose is a world famous car renovation expert and the host of Velocity TV’s “Overhaulin.” The experts at the...

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How to Check Transmission Fluid

The Family Handyman automotive expert, Rick Muscoplat, will show you how to check your transmission fluid to prevent damage to...

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How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

A sharp lawn mower blade will help keep your grass healthy.

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How to Buy the Right Ball Mount For Safe Towing

In order to tow a trailer safely, the tongue must be level with the road.

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When to Replace Trailer Tires

You see trailers broken down on the side of the road all the time.

8 Mechanic’s Tool Tips for DIYers

It's not only about having the right tools. These tool tips can show you when, where and how to use...

Hack Your Car Top Carrier: Loading Tips and Safety Smarts

Getting building materials home from the lumberyard or home center is easy if you own a pickup truck or a...

Upgrade Your Motorcycle Safety Gear

We talked to helmet, glove, boot and clothing gear manufacturers to get the scoop on new gear as well as...

Fix a Flat Survival Guide

Got a flat tire? You'll survive.

What to do If

Expert advice on what to do if a dashboard warning light appears, plus how to prepare for and prevent other...

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Learn About Tires

There's more to tires than meets the eye

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Painting Tips: How to Paint Faster

Professional secrets for a speedy, great-looking job

How to Buy Tires

Buy tires the smart way—set priorities and do your homework

Alternator Replacement: When to Listen to Your Mechanic

When replacing and alternator, other upgrades are worth doing too

Car Care: Protect Your Car’s Paint

Stop road debris from chipping your car's paint

Roadside Emergency Guide

How to handle roadside trouble