Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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Why Are My Windshield Wipers Squeaky?

When your windshield wipers squeak, you need to determine the cause of the noise. Here are four of the most...

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Do I Need to Top Off My Battery Fluid?

The answer depends on what type of battery you have. But if you do need to top it off, it's...

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6 Best Oil Filters for Your Car

Need to do an oil and filter change on your vehicle? Wondering which oil filter to buy? Learn about six...

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13 Popular Car Features You’ll Probably Never See Again

All sorts of things that were must-haves or standard equipment back in the day can't be found on any vehicle...

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What Type of Oil Does My Car Need?

With so many options, choosing the right motor oil can be bewildering. We cut through the confusion to help you...

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How Do Gas Pumps ‘Know’ Your Car’s Tank Is Full?

Gas pumps have been around long before "smart" technology. So how are they able to detect when your tank is...

10 Cars You Should Buy Used (and 5 You Shouldn’t)

Whether you're on a tight budget or seeking a first car for your teen, at some point most car buyers...

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If Your Car Battery is Corroded, It Could Mean This

Noticing some white, powdery stuff around your car's battery terminals? It's corrosion. Learn why car batteries corrode and what to...

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How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Tires

The answer to the seemingly simple question "How long do car tires last?" isn't that simple. Here's why.

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14 Useful Features You Didn’t Know Your Car Might Have

You might be missing out on safety lights, extra storage, and more.

Here’s What Happens to Cars That Don’t Sell

Wouldn’t it be nice if dealerships just gave away the unsold cars for free?

16 Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying a Used Car

Buyers: Beware! Used cars can be a great buy or a disaster in the making. Here's what to pay special...

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This Is What Really Happens When You Put Diesel in a Gas Car

The damage to your car’s engine will be severe and expensive to fix — if it can be fixed.

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How to Temporarily Cover a Broken Car Window

Protect your car with a temporary window cover made with tape and a high-density garbage bag that will stand up...

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How to Replace Your Car’s Fuel Filter

When your vehicle needs a new fuel filter, save money by doing the job yourself. Here's how.

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Are My Tires Causing the Car to Vibrate?

Own a car long enough, and one day it may begin vibrating while you're driving. This usually signals a tire...

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How to Perform a Differential Flush on Your Car

The differential is a vital part of every vehicle and it's easy to forget to replace the differential oil. This...

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Why Won’t My Windshield Wipers Work?

Windshield wipers stopped working? Learn about the four most common wiper problems and how to fix them.

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Our Favorite Car Paint Repair Kits

If you've noticed scratches or chips in your car's paint job, grab one of these top-notch car paint repair kits.

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Best Car Scratch Removers and Kits for 2022

Want to remove scratches from your vehicle's paint? Learn all about six of the best car scratch removers on the...

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How to Wash a Car at Home

A clean, shiny car never stays that way for long, so proper washing techniques are essential. Learn all about how...

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Best Car Polish and Wax Buffers for 2022

Waxing a car is often seen as a slow, arduous process, but it doesn't have to be. These six great...

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What to Know About Oil Changes

Think it might be time to give your vehicle an oil change, but aren't sure where to start? Learn all...

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How to Polish a Car Yourself

Want to restore your vehicle's dull, unattractive old paint job to near new? Car polish can help. Follow these steps...

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RV Shipments Hit Highest Levels in 2020

The pandemic has transformed the classic family summer vacation. More families are choosing an RV to responsibly distance while traveling.

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The Difference Between Diesel and Gas Engines

Gas and diesel engines have inherent differences in operation, cost and efficiency. Learn all about those differences, plus the pros...

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How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your Car

Smoke is a difficult smell to get out of your car. You may end up needing a professional detail but,...